Outfit of the night

Seriously, I can't stop blabla-ing to you guys the last few weeks or someting. I just painted my nails so I have to be carefull. They're nude-pinkish, with a matt top coat finish. I bought this colour today and I just couldn't wait to paint my nails. And it's a great 'time killer'. Yes, I have to kill time, 'cause I'm going to the movies with my mom tonight at 21.45. The movie is called New Years Eve and what I've heard from it, is that it's a lovely romantic movie so I guess I have to bring my tissues 'cause I'm a total disaster when it comes to romantic movies. And my jealousy-problems tend to come up again when I watch those movies, even though I know that it's just a movie and that those actresses are on extremely hard diets and stuff. I just have to be happy to be me, but that's easier to say than to actually believe. Anyways, I still have to wait half an hour but I already sprayed my favorite perfume on my whole sweater. I'm wearing a comfortable outfit. Let me tell you the story. You guys know that yesterday, I saw my cousin again. She had this 'jegging' in black. And I noticed that I bought that from her online store a year ago. So, I always wore it as a legging, with something long over it. But she was wearing it with just (well, not with just a shirt, it was lovely and well chosen and stuff) t-shirt and I thought ; maybe I can wear something like that too! So I was looking for my 'jegging' but I couldn't find them. After looking for 15 minutes, I finally found them. I put it on with a black top and my new dark green sweater. It doesn't look as great on me as it does on my cousin, but I asked my mom if I was allowed to go out with her with such an outfit and she liked it, so I think I'm going to keep this on then. Shall I make a picture? I will, I am, I promise! Don't expect a great, fashionable picture 'cause I already told you my camera sucks with bad lighting. So, that was the 'jegging' story, now moving on to, what again? My perfume on my sweater, yes. I love my perfume, it's not expensive or something, it's just called 'So, kiss me' and I really love the scent. It's fruity but it doesn't smell like a fruit. I don't know what scent it is I'm a total disaster with describing scents. It's a sweet scent, but when you smell twice, you also smell something more 'spicy'. Yeah I will shut up now, it doens't sound like anything. My hair is just in my signature top-knot and I'm wearing my most precious jewelry ; my smile. No, that was just a joke. I am planning on wearing a smile though, 'cause I found out that when I look grumpy, I look like a total zombie but then worse. So. Sorry for all of you who have seen me looking grumpy. I think I will just go now, I have nothing really special to talk about anymore. Not that the other stuff I've said was special! I think I'm going to practise with taking my camera with me for Bloguary. I will make pictures from me and my mom tonight. If my mom allowes me to put pictures from her on my blog, hahaha. The next post will include more content, I promise.

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