Pier 17, outfits and what I love

Goodmorning guys!
I totally had a plan for today's post but I suck at remembering things so guess what, I forgot! And now I just have to ramble again. Let me first tell you something about my nailpolish. Yesterday I told you guys I went shopping with my mom and I saw this nailpolish from NYC and it was a dark, shimmery blue. I have many blue polishes believe me, but this shimmer kind one I didn't have yet. Seriously, I have too many nailpolishes you guys, I will count them for you wait a sec. I have got 44 naipolishes. Yes you've read that right. I use them all, I love them all. I just like painting my nails. It makes me feel more "ready to go". Anyways, I have the shimmery blue colour on right know, it's called pier 17, funny name. But I painted my nails yesterday and when I woke up one and a half hour ago I checked my nails and I saw that they obviously weren't dry yet when I went to bed. So, yeah you can guess what my nails looked like. So I just painted them over, and now it looks all bumpy and horrible but secretly I don't really care 'cause I will take the polish of tonight because tomorrow it's monday and I have the musicnight performance again and my outfits on stage totally don't work with this colour polish. So, yeah, that's the polish-story. I should make a picture, shouldn't I? I'm so sorry but my camera sucks with the lighting I have in my room and the pictures will look horrible and I don't know I just don't really like posting ugly pictures on my blog. I did post pictures on my 'my life in pictures' page, but those are made with another camera or just not in my room and with different lighting and stuff.
Today I have this birthday party to go to, and because I'm so so so happy with my new pair of jeans I think I'm going to wear them. But I won't if it's starting to rain 'cause have to go by bike so when it rains I prefer not putting new clothes on, snappez-vous? Anyways, enough about nailpolish and clothes and outfits, I'm going to take a bath. I am in love with bathing. Wait wait I'm going to make a list of things I love.
I love the following things (and more but I don't have enough time to write down every little thing)

- my family
- my friends
- my cat, Puck
- nailpolish (like you may have noticed)
- bathing
- taking a shower
- brushing my teeth (yeah..)
- Lush
- singing, music, etc.
- my mango lip butter from the bodyshop
- clothes
- shoes
- decorating my room
- I also love my room by the way
- food
- sun
- most of al, you!

Allright well that's a standard list don't you think? Yeah it's standard and boring I will make a better list soon I guess. Bye guys, have a great sunday!

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  1. Found your blog via bloglovin! Great blog and fantastic post! So glad I found it!!!!!