Second last day of 2011

Hi guys!
I'm just sitting here again, wanting to say all lovely things to you but I don't have anything to really tell you so I'm just blabla-ing about my life again. Today I went ice skating with my little cousin from Switzerland. I actually was a bit scared 'cause I didn't skate in so long and I never was really good at it. I didn't fall though. My cousin didn't either. She's six years old and she went faster than me. So, I'm kind of a loser, right? Yeah. By the way, the skates, which we rented, where orange. I looked so sexy you guys can't even imagine! After the skating adventure we had lunch together, which was fun also. I ordered a sandwhich with ham. I secretly stole some little pieces from my cousin's "kroket" which is a popular snack in Holland. I felt so quilty when I came home so I stood on the crosstrainer for like an hour?! No, less, but I did go! Which I'm kinda proud about. But not anymore now, 'cause I just had dinner. Yeah it's like nine o'clock I know but I went to the movies with my mom and dad and it was just during dinner time so we didn't ate something. Anyways, I just ate two brown little bread-things, one with just butter and one with ham and lettuce. But, now comes the thing, my mom and dad ate a sort of a pizzabread. I was just a bread with onions on it and it didn't even have that much calories. I didn't want to but I couldn't stop myself and I ate 2 little slices. Now I'm feeling quilty again so the crosstrainer will have some company again in a few minutes. It's not that bad to work out on that thing 'cause during the time I'm 'running' I'm watching my Gossip Girl dvd. Well, the movie I've seen by the way is called Nova Zembla. It's a Dutch movie about a journey to India around the middle ages. So, it was all drama and they even killed some animals. It's not my kind of movie but I really liked the story, it really impresses me. Is that a sentence? I don't even wanna think about that right now. Tomorrow, guys, it's the last day of 2011! And, I loved 2011. Well not at all times but that's impossible. I met some great people this year and I got so many new friends which became like, the best friends in one year or even less! I'm looking forward to the new friendships and new experiences 2012 will bring. Although, I'm a bit scared about the stories some people told me about the earth falling apart and stuff. But one of my resolutions for this year is less worrying, more having fun so let's start right now and not talk about those stories. Talking about fun, tomorrow I've a fun day! Firstly I'll jump on my bike to see one my most lovely friends. We're going to relax in our old ugly sweaters and just tell eachother what our resolutions our and stuff. After that I'm going home 'cause another friend of mine is coming over. Just a few little hours, but that's more than nothing right? And when it's 00.30, another friend (guys, I'm so thankfull for having so many friends) is coming over and she'll sleep at my place so, she's the first of my friends I'll see in 2012! Maybe that'll bring us luck? No no I'm just joking. My food is in my belly now (I waited a few minutes before I went on the crosstrainer 'cause I just ate and that's not a good combination) so I'll have to go and run for my life!

Seriously, and this comes from my heart and it's very cliché but I'm still going to say this.
Have a happy new year, make something out of it! It's your life and you can be who you want to be. Watch out with the firework stuff and be with the ones you love the most!

Have a very very very happy start of 2012!


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