Trend alert - pastel coloured jeans

What I've read 2 secondes ago is just amazing! 
This summer, pastel colours are totally 'in'.
I don't know if it's faith but this weekend I went shopping with my mom and my eye fell on a light pink coloured skinny jeans and I loved it so much! Unfortunately, I didn't have the courage to buy it cause 1) it's pink 2) it was kinda tight and you guys know, I hate tight. But now I've seen this trend popping up I think it's okay when I buy those kind of colours! So, let me just upload my most liked colours (I checked Polyvore) and let me know which one you like best?


Bloguary #31

Dum dum dum.. Yes, it's already the last day of January, which means ; bye bye to Bloguary! I enjoyed blogging everyday but I guess it's a good thing that this is the end. The posts were getting kinda similar and I just don't have that much to talk about to you guys.
I'm planning on doing more fashion and lifestyle related posts for the upcoming months so I hope you guys will still want to read my blog! I always get such a huge smile on my face when I see that like, 5 more people took a look at my blog. I don't mind if someone actually really reads what I'm saying. Well, I prefer having everyone really read stuff but just visiting is enough to make me smile like crazy. So just to give you guys a little life update ; my tests are going pretty well. Today I had to make this French reading test, which actually kinda failed 'cause I didn't even understand what they were saying, but I just hope the grade won't be too bad at all. So, tomorrow I have this big history test and an English test. I have to write a formal letter in English, which may seem easy but it's actually not. I hope it will just work out and turn out to be all fine.
So, in a few minutes I'm going to have my favorite dinner of all time ; sour crout. I guess, there isn't really like an English name for it, but anyways, it's SO delicious I can't actually wait.

Thank you guys, again, so much for reading my blog.
I loved doing Bloguary and if you guys have ideas what I should be doing
for a next month-special, like, in March or something, please let me know!
I'm gonna miss talking to you though!

Much love and good luck if you also have tests this week!

we heart it - picture

Bloguary #30

This is one my most favorite sounds ; the oven getting ready and warmed up to make some bread. I am so hungry, I've been up sinds 9 o'clock and I only ate one little bowl of yoghurt with some Special-K cornflakes. After that I worked out on the crosstrainer for half an hour and right now my belly is making wonderful music. So, I will have to life for school in like, less than an hour but I eat like an elephant so that won't really be a problem for me.
I have some a-ma-zing news. I love to ski. Yes I do. When I stood on ski's for the first time I just turned 4 years old. So, I've been skiing my whole life, but past year my mom hurt her knee so we didn't go. This year, my mom went with friends, my dad went with friends, and I did not went with friends ofcourse. I was really sad 'cause I'd loved to go, but  in that week when I'm free from school, my dad has to go to London for work so I just wasn't going to work out. But now I'm going with my mom! To France! I'm looking forward to it like crazy! Just, going away, fresh air and just doing what I like. I really need to go away just to clean my thoughts and stuff. And what else is better than going on a trip with your best friend right? My mom is, yeah, confession. So, I won't tell you guys where we are going 'cause that's kinda weird, you'll never know who reads this and stuff. Luckily we have neighbours to watch the house so be prepared if you're planning on breaking in or something. Oh I hear the beep-beep-beep ; my baguettes are almost done! So, because I lost weight, I don't fit in my ski-pants-thing anymore. It's too big, yeah. And my jacket it a little bit too childish. I did like it when I bought it 2 years ago but it's just like, white with black and grey kinda stripes and it's just so boyish and sporty. I'd love to have a more sophisticated jacket. Maybe just a black, feminine one. I don't know, it's sale right now according to my mom so we'll go shopping for warm clothes soon. I will be leaving in two weeks. Just TWO weeks?! I just can't believe it yet. So, in a few hours, one and 20 minutes to be exact, I will be sitting behind my school table making a test about Dutch Renaissancistic -is that a word?- literature. Yes, I know, fabulous right? So my outfit is very casual today ; my hair is just hanging, chilling out and being curly. I have my signature black bow clips. I'm wearing my favorite skinny jeans and a kind of knitted, cream pinkish couloured sweater which is very boxy and wide 'cause you guys know I don't like tight stuff. I don't have any make-up on except for some powder and blush. Oh and my honey-milk lip conditioner Labello stuff, which smells amazing and makes me feel so happy. It so cold outside by the way, it's like freezing. They said it would be snowing today, but that didn't happen yet but we'll see. So, that what I look like and what I will be up to this day and in two weeks! 
Right now I'm going to eat my lunch and grab a banana and my water bottle and go to school.

See you guys tomorrow, which is the last day of Bloguary! 

Bloguary #29

Countdown ; I still have 2 days to go for Bloguary and it's kinda sad though. 'Cause I really enjoy writing everyday, even though I don't actually really have a proper subject. So today I'm just continuing living my life as a sow bug. A very smart one right now, 'cause I have been learning for the past days. This time I did so well with my planner I'm not even stressed out! Normally I am a disaster with these kind of test-weeks but right now I'm just chilling out, knowing that I spent enough time learning. The only problem I still have right now and of which I'm kinda stressed about is math. But my dad is back from Austria and tonight he's going to help me with it so I hope that that will work out just as my other stuff did. Should I write about something usefull? Maybe that's a good time killer, also, 'cause I'm kinda hungry so I hope killing some time before dinner and I secretly just avoiding my school work. By the way, I have this new addiction which is very bad, but it's Stimorol Senses gum. Just the pepermint flavour. But, it's bad, 'cause too much gum is bad for your body. I just háve to stup chewing it but if I get hungry I always grab a piece of gum to prevent snacking. I have to find a mid-way, like, chewing gum once a day and not 3453492876304 times a day.

Allright so I just spent 10 minutes thinking about what I should write and I just can't come up with something. Maybe I'll just write about what I will be up to in February. Bloguary has been fun so far, but it also was kinda hard 'cause writing about nothing and that every single day isn't that fashionable. This blog still is a beauty fashion and lifestyle blog right? Well no, actually it's not but in advance I wanted it to be. I just discovered myself not being that fashionable and not being all about make up. I have wanted to buy a nude lipstick and try it out for SO long but I just can't find the courage to even buy something like that. Can you even imagine me WEARING it? I don't know I just haven't found the courage yet to wear things which are different and stuff. My style did change though, I wear more 'girly' things. Two years ago me and my baggy jeans were insperable. Right now I don't even wear simple skinny jeans that often anymore. I have this new love called ; tights. I don't know I just feel more comfortable in tight right now. Same thing with long sleeves and wide, boxy shirts and sweaters. You won't ever ever see me in tight tops or short sleeves. I know summer and spring are coming up so I kinda have to get over it but I just procrastinate those thoughts.

Oh oh something just popped into my head. A very very very long time ago I promised to make recipe-posts. Not that I cook that much but I'm kinda thinking about doing it more often. What I do want to have is a good camera for that, making pictures from food with a bad quality camera (which mine isn't, he just doesn't want to make good pictures with artifical light) looks a bit grose.
So, what about that? What about doing more fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogging in February? About recipe's and maybe I can finally find the courage to go out and buy a lipstick and WEAR it? Don't worry it won't be red or orange I will keep it nude pink-ish-y (yeah I just made that word up).

My fingers are getting a bit tired. And because the rest of my body already was (I just came back from my little bike tour of an hour) I guess it will be a good thing to lie down on my bed for a bit just watching tv or maybe cath a little sleep.

I will talk to you guys soon. Which is tomorrow. Already. Yeah.

Bloguary #28

Pictures from we heart it - time! By the way, today I bought a new nailpolish from the brand NYC, which means New York Color. It's amazing 'cause it's the most brightest dark pinkish colour called 'timessquare' and it makes me like, 0,00001 % happier.

So, I'm sorry for the lack of posting interesting things. I guess it's a good thing January ends soon, so that I won't bore you guys anymore.

Have a lovely saturdaynight!
I'm spending it in my bed with my books, my iPod and my little cat.


Bloguary #27

Good evening you guys! I'm chilling out on my couch right now and I actually don't really feel like blogging so you guys have to deal with just this little post! I'll insert a picture I made myself when I was in NY 2 years ago just to fill up the empty space! I'll see you guys tomorrow!



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Bloguary #26

I can hardly keep my eyes open right now guys, I am so tired of learning and all that writing and practising. I think if I lay my head down on my desk right now it will literally only take me 2 seconds to fall asleep. It's raining outside and I'm home alone and everything looks so grumpy and grey and lifeless. All around me are summaries and papers which are only white with thousends of black letters on them. Everything looks so boring it's an instant sleeping pill. I wanted to go outside for a walk because it could fresh me up a little but I really can't push myself to go. I am wearing absolutely no make up and I look like a character in a horror movie but then even worse. Enough negative thoughts? Yeah I think so too. Maybe some of you out there are having amazing days.. you'll never know. So, I'm just browsing around on the internet watching Youtube video's and wanting to have a life like those girls do. You know what, let's just get it out there ; I. am. totally. grumpy. today. Yes, there, I said it. You might already noticed but I just wanted to say it. So, to make myself happy again I guess I am just going to crash down on my bed and sleep for one little hour. I guess that's the best thing right? I'm going to make a plan ; sleep, shower, polish my nails in a bright colour, listening happy music and wait untill my mom gets home so that she can make my learning proces a little easier by listening to me. I always give whole speeches when I'm learning. I'm trying to be my own teacher. Kinda fun, you should try it! Imagine you're standing in front of a whole classroom of little children who have never ever heard of the subject you have to learn about. It makes it easier to see if you fully understand and if you're able to put it into your own words. It helps! So, my mom makes it more fun 'cause when she listens she asks questions and I'm just not that lonely. I mean, me talking all by myself imagining that there are people listening looks kinda awkward, doesn't it?
So, now that I've made this little plan I feel better already! Tomorrow I will have to go to school again, which I'm absolutely NOT looking forward too but I guess it's a must. Yeah, it's a must. I'm talking total bullshit right now, I will leaaaave already!

Bye guys, I hope my grumpy-ness didn't affect your temper!

just a we heart it picture to fill up the empty space

Bloguary #25

Hello lovely readers, here I am again!
So, this morning was so much fun for me. It's my moms birthday today, and that is why I wanted tp suprise her with a breakfast in bed! Yesterday I bought little American pancakes and chocolate truffles and I made a smoothie with yoghurt, banana and strawberries. I wrote her a card which is a kind of 'gift card' to pick out a beat for her favorite bracelet. I also bought her a shower gel which my friend recommended me to buy 'cause her mother loves it. I actually smelled it and I think she has to share it with me! No I'm just joking, I bought it for her. Anyways, she loved it! The picture looks afwull again but yeah I at least tried! The chocolate on the pancakes was a bit melted already but she still was able to read it, I hope you guys are too. I had so much fun organising this for her, she totally deserves it! Do you guys also have such a relationship with your mother or father or sister or grandmother like I do with my mom? She's my best friend and knows every little detail about me. When there's a time everything starts to fall apart I always have her to help with making plans to get my life back on track, kinda. I just love her. I love my dad too, ofcourse! He isn't home, he's on a trip to Austria! So, back to normal life, I am free from school today and I'm working on my schoolwork for 4 and a half hours already. It's starting to get on my nerves but I'm almost done. I'm kinda proud 'cause my planning helps me and I really promise myself to finish it before I go do other things. So right now I'm kinda being naughty 'cause I still have to learn one chapter history, but yeah, distraction is in need. I think I also am going to jump on my bike today, just for a little trip outside to clear my head. Tonight my mom and I are going to watch a movie and cook together. Nothing special, just brocolli and stuff! I guess I'm gonna go now, finish my planning and take a bath!

I hope you guys have a lovely week!

Bloguary #24

I hope I am not disturbing your beautiful dreams but I just came back from Utrecht and I already am in my bed all set to go to sleep but I wanted to blog 'cause I have to keep my promise! Anyways, the musical I have seen was great and we had a fun time. Tomorrow I am free from school and it's my moms birthday so I still have to get up early to make her pancakes, truffles and a smoothie! I will make pictures if I don't forget. By the way, this is my first mobile phone post so I'm sorry if it looks crappy!

Sleep well lovely people.

Bloguary #23

Could you please stop shining that light onto my face? Living under a stone for such a long time causes some painfull things when you come back into your social life again. No I was joking. The light does hurt though, 'cause I have a crazy group of dancing elephants in my forehead. Headache for real. Anyways, I just am doing my random blogpost today 'cause I don't have a lot to talk about other then me being screwed up, tired and a little sick. I wish I could tell you more exciting stuff but yeah, I can't. I will be having dinner in like, 15 minutes, so this post will be a short one. I just went on the crosstrainer, and during my little work-out I was watching Gossip Girl again. Such pretty girls, I am jealous. Not that I am that childish ; I know it's not real etc. but a girl can dream right? Let me think about some fashionable things to tell you. My nails are plain. Nothing on them. My hair is in a messy bun on top of my head. My outfit is too ugly to function and my face looks like a zombie emoticon on MSN messenger. Yeah, that's my life as a sow bug! Oh my mom called, I have to go downstairs for dinner! I am still hoping on a little sunshine these upcoming days, gonna join me hope?


Bloguary #22

These upcoming weeks I will change into a sow bug. Why? Because I have to do so much for school. I really really really want to go for it, so I guess I just have to live under a stone with my books. Living under a stone is a Dutch saying I believe, which means you're locking yourself out of your social life. So right now at this very moment my best friend and I are texting eachother things like
uuuuh, aaaai, mheeeew, wieeee 'cause he has problems with concentrating and stuff and he wanted to 'out' his frustration, so I just joined him! I am laughing out loud! Which this morning seemed mission impossible. I was shacking all over and my mom was so worried. After I ate a slice of bread with something where I can't find the English word for, I kinda stopped. My sugarlevel was too low or something, but I felt horrible. I still feel weird, I'm so hot and I'm just wearing a shirt, while my mom walks around with 3 sweaters and a thick pair of socks? I have very cold, sweaty hands and I'm nauseous the whole time? I think I am getting a little cold or something, but I will feel better soon I know for sure. So that was just my life update. Not very positive but I'm allright though, mentally. My body is full of hormones which make me feel sad but I'm fighting against them with my happy music and a long long bath with my Lush product called Glögg, which smells like coke mixed with cinnamon. How can you not adore that? My mom just asked me what I want to eat and we decided to eat pasta! I love pasta! Although it's not that good for you. So, shall I talk to you about something usefull? I don't know, I think I can't come up with a subject to write about. And I actually want to go downstairs to eat a pickle, 'cause I feel like I want to eat something, 'cause that sometimes helps against my nausiousness. When I eat pickels, a kind of frenzy begins and I start eating the whole jar. I just love pickles! I am a pickle-loving sow bug! Isn't that a cool thing? It's so funny because I know for sure some Dutch people who read this, don't know what a sow bug is, or what a pickle is, or what nausiousness means. I also looked it up though, with Google translate. If that didn't excist, I was screwed. I just looked up the Dutch meaning of screwed, but it's not what I meant to say? Some English words just mean something different in Dutch. Anyways, I'm like freezing right now (in 15 minutes my body turned into an icecube, I guess I really am getting sick) so I'm going to put on my sweatpants and continue working on my planning (I already did what I had to do today but I'm so glad I have enough motivation today).

Enjoy your sunday guys, what's still left of it!
Much love and hugs,
Pickle-loving sow bug Stella.

Bloguary #21

This guys, is my hundredth post! I'm not really in the mood to blog right now but I wanted to use this post to thank you so much for reading! I hope you guys want to read my next hundred posts too!

With love,

Bloguary #20

Happy horrible friday! Today was just one of these days which you'd prefer not talking about. But because I own this blog and because I kinda 'have' to tell you about my day, I will. So, at first, this morning I was all cuddled up just dreaming about things I don't remember and this annoying bell thing keeps ringing. I thought ; please someone put that thing of I'm trying to sleep here. I don't know how long it took to make me realise it was my alarm which wanted to tell me it was time to leave my bed. So, I did. I left my bed, went downstairs, ate my breakfast, read the paper, went on the crosstrainer, jumped under the shower etc. and went to school. The first hour in school I had to do this economics presentation which I had worked really hard for. Guess what? I didn't even get a good grade! I was so disappointed, and my class also said they thought I didn't get a grade I deserved. I just think my economics teacher despises me or something? Anyways, it just instantly made me feel kinda worhtless? I know I know total bullshit but you guys know it's that-time-of-the-month for me right now, so I tend to cry about everything. I didn't cry though. So, I survived the day, laughed a bit with one of my best friends, who came over on Monday to crash at my house and who's coming tonight to crash here again! Yeah, I really love her. Plus ; my father is leaving for his little trip to Austria and my mom didn't return yet and they didn't want me to spend the night alone. And I just love sleepovering (I know that's not an actual word) with my friend. So, first I have to go to my musicallesson with her, which is SO much fun! The girls in my group are lovely and it's just an amazing beginning of my weekend. Right now I'm having this headache and I just took an asperine but I wonder if it's going to work. Seriously, my dad wants to break the stairs? He is walking like a big ass elephant right now. Sometimes, he makes me 'palm my face'. I love him, though. But he's just a bit annoying sometimes. Like I am too, so maybe he juts genetically gave that to me. And right now he's stealing all the sweet stuff and candy for his trip (he's travelling by bus). I don't mind, if it isn't there I can't eat it, right? I also just know there's this bag with M&M's and I know it's in my house but I just don't touch it. I'm a bit proud about that actually. Anyways, I have to have dinner early today 'cause otherwise I will like, pass out at my musicallesson. I actually already am hungry! It's just 16.30. Guys my headache it getting worse and worse, I guess I will just stop blogging now 'cause my laptop screen light isn't making me feel any better.

Bye, see you all tomorrow!

Bloguary #19

So here's your stalker again, blog! I actually really have been stalking my blog lately! I don't really think my blog actually minds, right? So, today I actually came up with a subject to blog about all by myself, no magazines or friends involved. Aren't you guys proud of me? No I'm totally joking. Anyways, I totally fail with typing today 'cause I just finished polishing my nails. If you want to know ; my nails are very short and painted in a very very very light pink colour. They look very nude, I like that for now 'cause I'm not really in the mood for bright, screaming colours. Anyways, back to my self-came-up-with-subject. I've been feeling like a dead flower the last past days, and I have been noticing I'm not the only one. I thought about things which make us girls happy, and the first thing which popped into my mind was friend obviously, but next up in the list ; shopping ofcourse! And because shopping is not the most easy thing to do (so many cute stuff, too many choices to make, pain in the back and blisters all over your feet) I thought I'm gonna give those girls my personal shopping tips! I know for most of us the horrible so called 'test-week' is coming up, but why not get this little butterflie in our stomach of knowing you're going to shop with a friend soon a little earlier? We can use a brighter-up, can't we?

Firstly, prepare for a long day of working out. Because, yes girls, with shopping you quickly lose those calories! I have made a little check list to prepare yourself for a good day of shopping.

1. Check the weather forecast. If it's going to be chilly and windy, you would prefer wearing something like a vest or a cardigan. In wintertimes like this, just wear your favorite coat of which you know for sure it will keep you warm. If it's going to rain, bring a bag of which you know it won't leak. To be sure your stuff won't get wet, put a plastic bag inside of your bag, over your stuff. If it's going to be sunny ; perfect chance to forget your sunglasses because you have an excuse to buy new ones!

2. Make sure you have comfortable shoes on, in which you won't get blisters. I prefer not wearing heels by the way, but I guess you guys agree with that. If you tend to get blisters in every pair of shoes you own, don't be silly and take some patches with you. Seriously, blisters aren't worth the pain and they will ruin your whole day.

3. Make sure your bag contains nothing but usefull stuff. I tend to carry too much, so this is a good tip for myself too. Take your wallet (most important), a bottle of water, an elastic for your hair, asperine in case you get a headache (which I do a lot) a little thing to snack on, maybe a cracker, an apple or a chocolate bar, a deodorant and some make-up. Not that everyone takes their make-up. I actually do, but I never use it. Ne-ver. But, if you want to have something with you to touch it up or put on an extra layer of mascara because you and your friend(s) are going to have a drink at a place with many cute guys (you'll never know), make sure you have the most little bag you own and only put the most important things in it.

4.  Try to make a list of shops you really want to go to because you want thàt particular dress or those particular shoes. If you're going to a city you've never been before, it's smart to first find out where they are and print out a route planner or use the navigation-app on your phone.

So, that's that. Now I'm moving on to the actual tips.

Firstly, choose the right time to go. Avoid those days where everyone is going. I know saturday is the most easy day to go because we're still in school and stuff, but if you can avoid saturday or any other busy day ; try! You don't want to see this one girl steal the last jeans in your size, right?

Secondly, when you're shopping, you just grab those things you like. You'll end up having all different stuff which actually don't make an outfit together. It's more usefull to buy a whole outfit at one time, in case you buy a shirt you thought went with that cardigan, but it ends up being the wrong colour and you don't have another cardigan to pair your shirt with.

Thirdly, advice. If you're not really sure about buying something, you can ask your friend for advice. The thing with advice is, it brings down your own fashion insticts! Try to rely on yourself for once and just BUY that coloured pants. If it was love at first sight with this pair of shoes your friend doens't really like, go on a fashion-mission to prove her wrong! Advice also has a good side, maybe your friend can give you that little extra to push to just buy this statement neon piece, even though you're afraid of wearing it. Try to think out of the box for once.

Check, check, double check. Check the price, check the size, check if there isn's something wrong with the pair of earring you're buying. It's important to overthink stuff a few times. Am I going to wear this and with what and is it worth the price I'm paying for.

Last but not least ; shopping is fun! Don't think to much and have an awesome time! And prepare for the 'checking your bank account' moment.
Good luck with shopping girls! I have to study and cook right now, which is something a lot less interesting!


Bloguary #18

Hi, I am Stella. I know for sure you have never heard about me before 'cause I don't like, blog every day? Sorry, I have just no ideas on how to start my posts. Anyways, like I said, hi! I am sitting on the couch and I have just finished my dinner. Today was a total disaster. I felt like my tangerine yesterday did. I just feel grumpy and sad and a little sick and tired and everything I did today was a total disaster. I just didn't really have my day, that's all. I'm getting close to that-time-of-the-month, so I guess that's just it. I'm watching Teen Mom by the way. That girl just gave birth to her son and she's 17 years old, like, the same age as I am? Seriously I just can't imagine to have a baby right now? It gives me the chills actually. Well, let's just not think about it. I want to do a lovely post today, I want to tell you guys so much but I actually don't really know what? I know what I am going to do. I am going to browse around on the internet, searching for spring fashion ideas. 'Cause I'm always thinking about summer and spring lately, why not figure out what kind of clothes I would love to wear this year? While I'm browsing I can just like, tell you some random stuff? Like ; yesterday I had the most amazing evening I've had in such a long time. And, this morning I fell from the stairs and really laughed about myself 'cause it was just stupid. And, I'm planning on going to bed early today, but I already know that's not gonna work. So I just ate this delicious little yoghurt thingie, with muesli and other wheats and it was just lovely. Anyways, I found these pictures on, and I recognized them! I actually follow this girl on her blog, and it's just amazing. I love her outfits. So, I'm just gonna post them and write underneath what I like about it and stuff. For the record, her blog is amazing (click!) and I just picked the pictures 'cause I like the outfits. You should really check her blog out! Anyways, I'm gonna go now! I will just post the pictures and give little comments and I am going to take a bath and go to sleep early! First on the crosstrainer, of-course!

Bye lovely people, see you tomorrow!

I am in love with the American shorts! I would love to have a pair like that this summer

I love the green-orange combination, and I just have something with coloured pants! 

This, again, I like because the coloured pants. I love the 'comfort' look about this.

Again a 'thing' I have ; panties with shorts. I also love the cropped sweater. But maybe that will be to hot in summer and stuff, maybe the same thing but in a shirt-style.

Bloguary #17

I'm eating this tangerine right now, but I don't really know for sure if he isn't rotten yet. No it's not that bad, it's just ; he lost its taste and he has this 'I have spent too many hours under the shower' look. But, eventhough he doesn't look perfect, he still deserves a chance to be eaten. So, back to normal again, if that's possible with me. Hi guys. Yesterday with my friend was so much fun. We talked about a lot of stuff and we had the giggles for like, more than 80% of the whole evening. We also painted our nails but I already took my polish of because it's just a disaster with me. When my nails start chpping, what they do very very easily, I just get the urge to clean them. Now I have these short little baby nails. Oh, I finished my tangerine by now for the record. So, I wanted to do a post today on how not to be bored when you're home alone, but 1. I don't have that much time and 2. I thought for me and most of my friends, this week in school is coming up when you just have tests. tests. tests. Did I forget to mention all the tests we will have to make? So, I thought ; if I'm going to write about fun things to do, people start wanting to do these things in stead of learning and stuff so it's just not the right timing. Seriously, it's getting dark so early. My laptop screen is getting lighter and lighter but it's just because of the 'air' getting darker and darker. So. I al-ways start my sentences with 'so' and 'anyways'. Is that annoying? I'm so sorry. I am just rambling right now, just about nothing. I think I am just going to stop. Sorry for this little, non-usefull post you guys, I will make sure to write something more usefull anytime soon.

Love, love and much more love,

I found this on we heart it and it's actually true! 

Bloguary #16

Good evening lovely people.
These start-sentences annoy me like crazy! They're so mature, like I'm going to give you the latest political news or something? Does anyone have a fun idea to begin my posts with?
Anyways. today it was blue monday. The third monday of January is called that way, 'cause it supposed to be the most depressing day of the year or something. Well, although I was bit grumpy because I couldn't go home earlier 'cause my math teacher was being stupid, I had a fun day. Most of all the being-home-part, ofcourse. I had fun at school though, but seriously this day felt like a century! A friend of mine is coming over tonight, she crashes here (which means she sleeps here). Even though we have to study a bit together, and go to bed early, I just know we're gonna have a good time. So I promised I would blog about something more usefull today, so I have to come up with a subject and I will begin. Yes, something popped up in my head. Well it didn't really exactly, I have a  strategy. I take one of my magazines, I randomly open it and choose one word, which right now was 'date'.  So, I thought yeah, why not ; I'm gonna write down some tips for dates! Not that I am a real expert. Actually I am like, the most inexperienced 17-year-old girl but I don't care, I chose that word and I have to do this from myself. And with valentine's day coming up, it's kinda fun right?

When thàt day is coming up, girls (I don't know about boys, maybe they do too) al-ways start stressing out about things. What to wear, what to talk about, where to go.. I know that these things are not the most easy things to evade, but it's a good idea to at least try.

Firstly, the boy/girl/alien you're going on a date with, loves to be with you. And just you. Don't go crazy with outfits because you want the other one to think you look great. It's the most important thing to be comfortable. I know for sure everyone already knows this, but I have a little extra tip. Because I am a girl who really cares about what I am wearing, I always want to look nice but still have that little me-thing. For me, my kind of statement piece are my little bow clips I put in my hair. What I'm trying to say here is that, you can choose your most fashionable outfit, but just give your outfit a touch of your typical you so that you still have something you're sure and confident about and what screams 'It's me you're dating with, even though I look like a total clown in this too tight jeans'.

Secondly, try to be fashionably late. Not because you want to let him/her/it think you're slothful or not interessted or something. But picture this ; you have made an agreement to be somewhere at 8 o'clock and you are way to early. Plenty of time to think and get even more insecure or nervous. When he/she/it suddenly grabs your hand during the movie, you don't want them to be all sweaty right? And don't worry, if they are he/she/it 1. won't even mind 2. will probably have the same problem.

Up next ; don't lie. I know, this sounds cliché, 'cause that's a logical thing right? It's not. It's scientifically proven that when you're with someone of which you find it important that he/she/it likes you or finds you interesting, you are inclined to lie and make up things faster. So, an example ; he/she/it tells you what movie is his/her/its favorite, and you totally agree even though you haven't even heard of the whole thing before. That's just stupid. Just tell him/her/it that you've never seen the movie and you'd love to watch it together. In the pocket ; next date!

Little secret between us ; a friend of mine once told me that if someone likes you, he/she/it starts copying you. Your words and your posture. She told me that, when someone likes you, his/her/its wrists are turned with the inside on top, so, with 'open hands'. This unconsciously means that he/she/it is interested in what you're saying. Don't worry, if your date doesn't turns his/her/its wrists it's not that they aren't interested, it was just a little fun fact.

For most people, smell is something important. Unconsciously our bodies find natural body oder or totally horrible or amazing. If you unconsciously (what a horrible word) don't like his/her/its body oder, it's like, not going to work for 75%. Anyways, what I tried to say was ; smell is something important. Make sure to smell nice, but don't overdo it. You know that particular someone who always has that smell you already recognize when he/she isn't even near you? Yeah, that's what we're trying to avoid here. Just take your favorite perfume or deodorant and spray it on your clothes. 1. the scent will 'stay' longer and 2. your clothes kinda absorb the 'too-much', which prevents walking around like a overdosed perfumestore.

The last tip is the most simple one and the hardest one at the same time ; ENJOY! You're spending time with the person/alien you want to be with! Don't let it go to waste just because you're nervous. When it just doesn't work, it just doesn't. Everything happens for a reason.

So, these things weren't even that hard to come up with, even though I'm highly unexperienced with real 'going out' dates. By the way, when you're having a chill out and watch a movie date, it might still come in handy to just read these tips once. For the record ; when all these things I just told you totally fail on your date, don't worry. It are just tips and it's not that I am the expert. If you tend to do things different, it's totally up to you. I just wanted to write a usefull post, that's all.

If you have a date soon ; have a great great great time! Enjoy, smile and be smiled back at.
For the non-daters ; next-up I will be writing about what to do when you're home alone and you don't want to be bored.

Have a lovely evening and good luck with getting up tomorrow,

by the way ; I wrote this down in a kind off hurry, so sorry if I made a lot of mistakes!

Follow me around blog?

Yeah you've read that right! I have had a new idea popping up in my head and I just am so excited about it I can't wait to tell you. So, I downloaded an app on my mobile phone, which makes it possible to blog on my phone! Isn't that great? So, when I am away I can just five you guys a quick update of where I am, with pictures and stuff. I don't know if it's gonna work out but I will try it out soon. That's it, I won't disturb you guys anymore with this little posts through my Bloguaries.

Love and sweet dreams,


This is a little sneak-in blogpost, between all the Bloguaries.
I just wanted to know what you guys think of the sort of new lay-out!
I think it's a little more fun, the other one maybe was a bit too clean.
I like things to be white and clean, like, I didn't want to use many colours and pictures and stuff.
But this is a bit more fun, right?
Anyways, let me know!
Have a great evening lovely readers.

Bloguary #15

Hi guys, here I am again! So, today I made pictures! I really did! I know I always say and promise to make pictures, but right now, today, I actually did it. I went on a little biking trip with my dad, and I thought I could bring my camera and make some pictures. The weather was great, the sun was even shining. Today wasn't a very adventure-full day, but I still enjoyed it. I made my homework, I went on the crosstrainer, had a lovely breakfast with my dad and biked for one hour. Oh and I painted my nails again. They're like army green now. Anyways, I wanted to just upload the pictures and write a whole story on here but I guess I just don't have any inspiration. AGAIN. Tomorrow one of my best friends is coming over to sleep here. Yes I know it's Monday tomorrow, but luckily for us we don't have to get up that early on Tuesday. My room by the way is a total mess, it kinda freaks my out but because I just painted my nails I have to wait with cleaning up my room and stuff. Yesterday by the way, I had a great time with my friend. We had so much fun, we made music and talked a lot and made lasagne, which was great by the way, it was just fun. So, I guess my inspiration ends here? There will be something more usefull soon again! I will upload the pictures and go back to my lovely homework! Have a great sunday guys, what's left of it! 


Bloguary #14

It's saturdaaaaay! I love saturdays, seriously! So, today a friend of mine is coming over and I'm looking forward to it very much. He lives half an hour away so I'm going to jump on my bike and pick him up, so that I had my workout (next to crosstraining) today. We're going to make lasagne together. I wanted to pick something else once, 'cause with friends I al-ways make lasagne, but I couldn't come up with something which is easy to make stuff we have in the fridge. Yeah I know I can go to the grocery store, right? But the thing is, we're getting a different grocery store. They are like re-building the whole thing so it's closed this week. My dad went to another city and bought all the stuff we need this week (I have to cook 'cause my mom is on a trip with her friends) and there was nothing fun to cook besides lasagne, so I guess that's the best idea right? Anyways, I want to do a fun blogpost but I obviously don't have something exciting to tell today. I thought ; yeaaaah weekend, now I have so many things to tell you guys, but I have not. Boring life. Tomorrow is gonna be a learn-day so yeah, that obviously isn't exciting either. I'm gonna go dress up and blowdry my hair!

Have a great weekend with friends and stuff!

Bloguary #13

Hello guys!
Here's just another day of not knowing what to blog about. Seriously, it's like my life is getting so boring lately, but that will change now 'cause it's W to the EEKEND and I seriously am sure I will have an amazing one! First of all just the sleeping in is already one of the best things! That's what I kinda miss the most from the last two weeks. Anyways, I made that economy test today and it didn't go that bad, but I won't have a great grade either. So, yeah. I'm kinda happy 'cause I thought that it would be even worse. Because I have nothing to blog about, I'm just going to tell you what colour I have on my nails. It's a dark shiny blue-ish colour called 'Pier 17'. I believe I talked about this polish earlier. I, by the way, have a great tip agains chipping nails! When you have put one layer of topcoat over your nails, do another layer but just on the top. Like the white in a French manicure. This helps for me, I tried it yesterday and my nails are still looking perfect. Which is great 'cause my nails tend to chip just like the next day already. So enough about the nailpolish, I just am going to think about something to blog on. Is that a real English sentence? I don't know, mostly I just ramble. It's the most important thing that you guys understand, right? Allright seriously something just popped up in my mind and I am totally gonna do this. So, if you guys have twitter you might know about 'OMG I do this too'. It's basically someone, I don't know who it is, who tweets things and if you have the same thing or you just recognize it, you retweet it. So, I thought, I'm going to make a list of things I found on OMG I do this too or in a magazine which I recognize myself! It's a fun way for you guys to get to know me a little better, even it will be a little embarrasing for me. Put on your smile and prepare to have a laugh 'cause here they come! I'm gonna say goodbye first 'cause otherwise the 'set-up' of this blogpost looks stupid to me.

Don't forget to put in the comments what you recognize in my list!
Much love,

OMG I do this too!

Checking if you have secret powers by (for example) concentrating on somebodies head, trying to kind of hear what they think. Or, trying to make something move by just looking at it.

Clicking on the 'save' button more than 10 times, just to be sure your work won't be gone the next day.

Say 'What did you say?' when you actually heard them but didn't come up with an answer yet.

Suddenly realise that the word 'bed' actually looks like one and being all amazed by it.

Writing things down on your to-do-list which you have actually already done, just so that you have something to tick.

Pronouncing a word totally wrong and if your friend corrects you, react with saying ; 'yes, I know. Really, did I say that? Weird!'.

Having the feeling you have lost all your friends and being all depressed just because a movie ended.

Being all sad when you think you have a message from someone special and it actually is from your network server.

Looking at your phone you check the time, but not really paying attention so that you have to look twice.

Touching your clothes, hair or shoes when something gets awkward and you don't know what to do about it.

Promising yourself to never talk to him/her again, and after one hour you've already changed your mind.

Standing in front of your closet and trying on some new outfits to be all fashionable but after all just putting on your favorite sweater (again).

Constantly checking your phone, even though if you really had a text, it would have rang or buzzed.

Deleting a tweet and completely write it over again 'cause you just made a little typo.

Promising yourself to eat just one cookie and before you know it the whole package is empty ( don't do this anymore, but it was a tough one to 'overcome')

Judging books or movies by their covers.

When you haven't talked to a friend in a long time, thinking that you did something wrong even though you haven't even seen or talked to him/her for a while.

Secretely talking to your stuffed animals, just because they're the only ones who won't judge and don't care what you look like.

just a picture from we heart it to make this post look a little more colourfull.

Bloguary #12

Hello, there I am again, as usual these days.
So, I was totally out of inspiration, but then there was my amazing guitar playing friend I already kind of introduced you guys to, who had this amazing (what an amazingness!) idea of doing a post about what I still want to do in my life. So I thought, that will be a tough one. There are so many things I still want to do or make happen or something. So this will kinda be a bucketlist post! And I'm a very very very big disaster as it comes to making that kind of lists so it will be much shorter than you (and I) expect it to be, but still, just try is never a wrong thing to do.
What do I want to do or reach or make happen in my life part 1, 'cause there is obviously a part 2 and 3 because I will forget most things in this post, or just don't think about them and realize they just have to be in this list!
So, make yourself comfortable! Here we go.

I would love to..

- make as many people smile as I can
- continue singing my whole life
- take a very long shower and dance and sing
- once be fully proud of myself about something
- accept myself just for who I am
- go swimming without being insecure
- wear just a top without thinking about my arms or belly
- be healthy as long as my body also does
- eat healthy and take good care of myself
- get very old
- once have a family myself (when I'm a lot older than I am now, ofcourse)
- sing on a 'real' stage for many people, just to emotionally 'touch' them and make them smile
- go on a trip with my best friends
- live/study in the United States for a few years
- go to and discover Australia
- bike along the shore in a pretty, warm and beautiful land with no people around
- buy a real camera and take pictures like on we heart it
- get my high school diploma next year
- raise money for a poor country
- choose the right school and education in a few years
- once ride a rollercoaster
- stay up all night
- sleep all day
- do this as long as I can
- make my job out of doing this sorts of things
- buy a Wildfox sweater (Blogaury #11)
- go to church more often
- have my own magazine, or just work for one
- go and have a day or a few days in a wellness center with my mom
- drive, or even buy a Fiat 500
- have a slightly bigger room so that I can have a double bed
- overcome my fears and jump out of plane with someone special (with a parachute, ofcourse)
- learn myself to eat fish more often
- marry my crosstrainer
- get a little bit braver
- keep my friendships I have now as long as I can (!)
- make cupcakes and actually eat them
- have a Ben & Jerry's day
- wear my pyjama to school once
- play guitar like my friend(s) does (do)
- hug as many people as I can (only if I actually know them ofcourse)
- write a song which actually makes sense
- have my own little house when I get older
- never forget how to play the flute
- just book a hotel with someone special and just stay in the room, eat and watch movies
- once be drunk in my life
- upload a Vlog
- convince someone of loving that person in an unusual way
- have a dog when I'm older
- go to an Adele-concert

Allright, serisouly, this has taken me half an hour to write down? I know there are a lot more things I want to do in my life but this is just a short list! I didn't mean anything in there to be stupid or mean. If something doesn't make sense to you please tell me and I'll explain 'cause nothing is this list is to brag or something! It's obviously not the point that I want to have these things and only then I can be happy or something, I already am happy with my life and it's amazing and I don't want it to be anything else.

I have to go 'cause times running like crazy and I still have to learn for my test tomorrow and go on the crosstrainer ánd take a bath (the learning and the bath I can mix, which I always do).

Bye guys, thank you so much for reading again! I'd love to know your lists so if you have your own blog ; post it. If you don't ; just find some other way so that I can read it!

Lots of love,

Bloguary #11

Wow, I'm still blogging every day! It's just that I thought I would never reach my goal ; blogging every single day of January, but I think I'm going to reach this one guys! So, hello. Today was just like every other ordinary schoolday. Except the fact that I had, how do you call that in English? Gym class? I don't know, me and my class just had to sport for two hours. I usually just hate that 'cause I fail with e-ver-y-thing, but today we could choose whatever we wanted to do so I took a jump rope and jumped around for a bit and watched my talented and brave friends practising on doing a so called 'summersault', which is 'salto' in Dutch. I really don't understand why it's called a summersault but yeah that wasn't the point. Anyways, I just had an ordinary day. After dinner, which I will have in a few minutes, I will be going to my choir-practise-thing? It's not really a choir like opera singing or something, it's just a bunch of girls who sing popular songs together. I like it a lot. The only downside is that I have to go by bike in the dark, on my own. That's just not my hobby. I do like it that I have to bike because of the excercise part of it, burn calories yeah! So I told you guys yesterday that I wanted to do a post on something. Not just blabla-ing around like I usually do. So, I thought about something what had to do with clothing and fashion? Not that I know that much about it though. Anyways, you guys know I'm addicted to watching girls on youtube vlogging and filming beauty and fashion video's right? So, there's one girl named 'missglamorazzi' and she has these amazing sweaters. I saw her wearing them and I thought that they were so cosy, soft (well, tey looked like they were) and cosy, but still very cute to wear! I already loved sweaters, but now I found out about these I really really really want to have a look-a-like! I would love to have a real one, but, two things ; I can't buy them over here and they're all over a hundred dollars, which is just too much for a girl my age I guess, for just a sweater. I still wanted to show you guys what I'm talking about, so I made this 'set' on Polyvore and picked out some sweaters I liked. My favorites are the pink one with the heart on it and the black one with the tiger-head-thing, 'cause I just love black. I also love the American Flag. So, I have a question which I don't know if someone could help me out here but I'm still putting it out here so that maybe someone reads this and saw it ; where can I buy a look-a-like? I don't think this question will be answered 'cause my blog isn't that popular, but yeah, maybe by a miracle? 
I have to go guys, dinner is ready! 

Much love,

Bloguary #10

Good evening girls/guys/monkeys/zombies/whatever you may be!
So, my day was SO excting. I jumped out of bed and suddenly there was a helicopter waiting for me downstairs. I jumped under the shower and put on my nicest and most beautiful outfit out of my walk-in-closet and the man in the helicopter flew me to Hawaii. I just spent my day over there, chilling out in the sun, drinking the most delicious smoothies and swimming in the most blue sea you guys have ever seen! One hour ago I was still partying and enjoying my super important person's day someone just arranged for me so that I would have something exciting to write down on my blog. Isn't that SO nice? Seriously if my life was like that, I would all pick you up with my helicopter and give you guys that one little day of to the sun we all need so much! Don't you guys have that feeling? I really would love it to be summer right now. I'm a winterperson though, I actually don't really like summer! But it's just that people are much more happy and coming out of bed is much less cold and biking or walking outside isn't the worst thing anymore, but just the best! And everyone smiles and there are flowers and stuff. Well, I have summer and flowers in my head and a smile on my face all day lately. Anyways, enough about this period we still have to wait for so long. Today I just went to school and came home, made my homework. So, yeah that's probably just the only thing I have to tell you today! Oh yeah and I took a bath with my Lush cinders bathbalm thing! It was so lovely, it smelled like cinnamon and it made my water look like I peed in it (which I obviously didn't!) but it was just fun, the noise and stuff ; I liked it. So, my mom is making dinner and my belly is already making this weird noises so I hope it's almost ready! I have to go now, I guess! Besides, I don't really have to tell you guys anything more either. I will write a more usefull blogpost tomorrow!

With much love,

Bloguary #9

Hello lovely people!
Seriously, I am SO happy today! I know it's like monday after winter break and stuff, but I just am! I have to learn and make homework like crazy but nothing can stop me from smiling today! I wanted to post something more usefull for you guys today, so I'm going to make up a subject which is fun to read. Let me think. I guess that will take a while. Oh yeah my mom calls me to come and help with making salad for dinner, so that's the perfect time to think about it! See you in a few minutes guess, even though you won't know it were that many minutes. You will just read on (is that correct?) right? Anyways, I'm leaving right NOW. Yes I'm back, and I totally know what to blog about. So, last time I did a themed post, it was about falling asleep easier. So, now I wanted to give you guys some tips to get up and be happy and feeling fresh and stuff! I hope you guys find this interesting! I love to browse around about these things and make tips up myself. Here they come!

1. The first thing you hear when you have to go out of bed in the morning is your alarm-tune. Make sure this is something you like to listen to. Mine is just a beep, but I make sure to change the beep every month, so that it won't freak me out. For me, a beep is better 'cause when there's music, I just fall asleep again while I'm listening. It's not really a 'go out of bed now-sign' to me. The best thing to do is just make sure the first thing you hear is something that makes you happy. Or just not grumpy.

2. Secondly, it's important to go straight to the toilet and after that, drink a glass of water. This will make sure that your metabolism functions best.

3. If waking up isn't your talent, make sure you have something to go downstairs for. I always am hungry in the morning, so I always go downstairs straight away to eat my lovely bowl of cereal.

4. When you have time to do it ; take a little time to do a work-out or some stretch-excercises. Doing this makes sure your body is awake and 'fresh'.

5. My advice ; always take a shower. Even if it's just for 2 minutes. It's such a refreshing thing to do, you feel way more clean and awake, it's just nice. When you have a little more time then 2 minutes, you can take your laptop or little speakers and turn up the volume of your favorite song which instantly makes you happy. And if you want to ; dance!

6. What I like to do (at all times, but especially in the morning) is talk to myself. Just about what you're going to wear and why and while you're doing your make-up you can set a goal for yourself, maybe to talk to your crush that day or helping your best friend with her math homework. When you make up a little goal, it wil automatically brighten up your day when you reach it! What I also like to do is to send a little text, just a heart or a sweet sentence, just so the people you love (your dad who has already left for work, your boy/girlfriend, your friends or even your grandmother) wakes up and reads it. It's just a sweet little gesture, it will instantly make their days and with that, it will make yours better too!

7. Last thing before you jump on your bike or walk to the train-bus-underground-whatever, give your parents a kiss and wish them a great day. The smiles that will appear on their faces are an instant happy-maker. And eventhough your cat or dog can't smile, don't forget them!

So, this might be totally useless but I just enjoyed making these things up to make your days maybe a little bit better?

I hope you all survived this day and I will talk to you guys soon!
Much love and hugs,

Bloguary #8

Hi guys, there I am to bore you again!
For today, I don't have much to tell you guys. It's just like, I've ran out of inspiration and I just don't know what to say. I can tell you my planning? Yeah I'm gonna do that. So it's 14.42 right now at this very moment, so more than 50% of what I had planned today I already did, so it's not really a planning anymore right? Anyways, this morning I had breakfast, after that I went on the crosstrainer like I do every single day. After that I learned for 1,5 hours and took a shower. After my lovely, warm shower which I'm obviously addicted to, I went out for 1,5 hours to go and make a little bike-trip with my dad. I wanted to get some excercise and some fresh air and he just like to jump on his bike so that's what we did! I liked it, 'cause I don't spend that much time with my dad since I'm in highschool and stuff. I used to go to the animal zoo with him like, every weekend when I was little. And we would go to the cinema and to all different places and I could bring my little friends and stuff. But since I'm in high school and I'm kinda fully 'raised' it seems like I always need my mom the most. To talk to and stuff, she's like my best friend but I should and may not forget my dad ofcourse! I'm not, believe me, it's not like that but I just had fun today spending some 'quality time' with him. And now comes the most special part of this day. So, I don't really 'believe', like, in the religion way. I do believe in God but I don't know, I just don't think about it that much. I go to a Christain school and we before school starts we talk about stuff in class but that's it. So, I do want to believe though, 'cause I think it's kinda special right? So, I'm going to church today. Not because I just thought yeah let's just go to church once, but because this amazing friend of mine is playing guitar with a group and stuff, I don't really know what to call it but he asked me to come and even though I was in two minds about it, I chose to go and actually, I'm looking forward to see him play and to experience the chruch-thing. I have SO many friends who go to the church on sunday's and I actually almost feel guilty that I don't go! So I'm happy to go, maybe I will go more often after this time, we'll see.
So, my mom made me soup and it's ready now so I guess I have to go eat my soup. I love soup. It's chicken soup, home made. Oh yeah by the way, tomorrow is the day.. school starts again! I'm kinda looking forward to the 'structure' school brings in my life, but I hate the fact that I have to make homework and leave my lovely bed so early in the morning! I hope I will still have time to blog everyday but I'm gonna make it work, I promise!

Bye guys, I'll talk to you soon again!

This picture is just from we heart it, but I wanted to make this post look nicer and more fashionable!

Bloguary #7

There I am again guuuuys! I just wondered, do you mind if I say guys all the time? 'Cause I know most of you are girls? Anyways, it's not really meant like 'boys' it's more like ; hello everyone. Yeah I just wanted to throw that out there. So here I am, smelling like fish 'cause I just ate that. I love it! We don't eat fish that often 'cause my dad doens't like it, but he is out for dinner with some friends or something so my mom and I decided to eat fish! Do you guys like fish? I don't like all the fish-kinds, just this one actually, which is just white fish with patatoes and carrots. Anyways, enough about fish.
So today wasn't a very special day, I just walked around in the house, did my school work and watched Gossip Girl. That what weekends are for, right? I wanted to make pictures of myself and my oufit ('cause even though I spent the whole day inside my house, I did dress up nicely just to feel better) but they looked awfull so I won't upload them, I'm sorry. I'm still not very comfortable with putting myself on pictures to show you what I look like and stuff, even though most of you know me in person and see me everyday. Oh, I just got bleeped (messaged) by my best friend who lives 5 minutes away that she can use some company! So, here calls my best-friend-duty, I have to brush my teeht, put on something much warmer than this and go!
I'm sorry! Longer post tomorrow!

Love you guys, have a great weekend!

Bloguary #6

Hi guys!
Did you get some sleep tonight? 'Cause, I didn't. I wanted to sleep early, but I just couldn'sleep! So I went searching on the internet to get some tips on how to sleep well and stuff. So, here they come (in my own words).

1. Firstly, don't use any electronic device like an iPad or a laptop before you're planning to go to sleep. You have to give your body a sign that the day is over (sort off). So, what you want to do is ;  take a warm bath, grab your favorite book or drink a cup of tea and call a friend to chat about the day. You can actually choose anything to do, if it just isn't watching tv or surfing on the internet.

2. Secondly, when you're having thoughts and they won't go out of your head, take a little notebook and put it next to or under your bed. When you're lying in bed and you start thinking about negative struff or things you are stressed out about, maybe a test or something, write it down. When you write things down, you literally put something out of your head and on paper. Imagine you've just 'replaced' the thought and tomorrow you can come up with solutions for that problems and stuff.

3. What also tends to help, is spraying some lavender on your pillow. I don't know many stores in Holland (maybe 'de Tuinen') who sell little scented bottles things (don't know what to call them) but you can also make some of that stuff yourself but taking a (clean!) sock and stuffing that with fresh lavender out of your garden or a friend's garden or something. You can just rub the sock over your pillow so that your whole pillow smells like lavender. Lavender is known by it's relaxing 'power'. You can also take a shower or a bath and wash yourself with a lavender scented body wash. I think the whole lavender-thing is clear now, right?

4. What I used to do when I was little, is taking a glass of milk and putting it in the microwave. It might sound stupid to you guys, but drinking warm milk relaxes the inside of your body and it helps you to relax. You can drink tea also, but some sorts of tea, I don't exactly know which ones, give you more energy, so I would go for the warm milk. It's not that bad, trust me.

5. Another tip is to meditate. I don't actually do that, I always do sit-ups before I jump into bed, which is a total don't 'cause it pumps up your budy with adrenaline and that's stupid 'cause that's what we're trying to avoid here. So, it only takes five minutes. Go and sit on your bed. It doens't really matter how you sit but you have to have a straight back though, 'cause that's important for in- and exhaling. Just inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Concentrate on the air floating around in your body. When your mind starts thinking about negative things, try to focus on your breathing again. After five minutes (just set a timer) your heart will be slowed down and you're ready to fall asleep. Well, that's what I read, I never tried I myself but I promise I will tonight.

6. This is something I learnd from my mom. Just lie on your back with your whole body stretched out. Begin with concentrating on your toes. Completely relax them and try to feel how tired your feet are from dragging you everywhere the past day. Try to make them as  heavy as you can ('cause that's how your body relaxes) and go on with your legs and belly etc. I once did this and I didn't even reach my head 'cause I was asleep already. I hope this helps for you!

7. Count! Couting sheeps may be stupid to you but maybe you can count actual stuff in your head. All of your favorite books, all of your favorite songs you can remember, all of your nailpolishes, something. Counting sets your mind of and makes you forget the negative things.

8. Last but not least, take your iPod or just your Mp3 player and search your favorite song. A calm and slow one, ofcourse. Close your eyes and try to listen to the text. After you listened to the song, an instant happy-feeling should have filled your head and you can fall to sleep easier. That's what I've been told though.

These 'tips' might not work for you, but maybe they do! Maybe I just saved your upcoming nights!
I know it's the seventh today, so I will blog again tonight.
Yesterday was lovely by the way, my friend came and we made quiche. It was so much fun and it's was SO delicious. Oh and news flash ; I'm addicted to 2 games on my phone called 'Tiny Tower' and 'Farm Story'. I will do a complete post on them soon!

Bye guys, thanks for reading again and ; sleep well and sweet dreams (in a few hours)

Bloguary #5

Good evening lovely people out there surfin'on the internet!
I just placed my scented candle called 'sugar and spice' right under my nose, no I'm burning roght now. No I'm not, it's just warm and smelling great. Anyways, this was a nothing-day. I haven't even been out of the house! This day was like the most useless day of my whole two weeks of vacation. I just took 2 baths, I didn't even went on the crosstrainer that long. And yes I have to admit, today was a bad day with the dieting-process. I feel like one chubby ball but that's total nonsense ofcourse.. yeah.. So, talking about nonsense ; because of this day, I'm totally out of ideas to talk about! Tomorrow will be much better 'cause a friend is coming over and we're gonna cook together and stuff, it will be fun. By the way, I just found out that I al-ways cook with my friends. Not because I don't have something else to do. It is a good 'time-killer' though, 'cause otherwise I would just chill out and chat and stuff but yeah, I guess I just like cooking. But only when I don't have to do it alone.  I was watching something on Nickelodeon (yes I'm still a17-year-old girl, I haven't been lying about that to you guys). But, I was just 'zapping' and I watched 'Victorious' for a while and I noticed that I thought ; I wish I was Cat! If you guys know who I'm talking about I guess you're having a face like ; what?! seriously?! But, I just do, she's funny and I LOVE her hair (it's like, red) and even though she's stupid and a drama queen, she just makes me laugh and I wish I could be like her. Just laughing and thinking everything is funny and lovely and amazing. My life would be SO different! Most of all I guess I'm just jealous 'cause she's a beautiful girl. I think its just that. But yeah I'm me so I guess I have to make the best out of myself, right? Tomorrow morning I think I will have to push myself out of bed and drag my legs outside 'cause I just have to go for a walk. I just have to! I want to go outside! But, today there was a big storm thing going on here and it was raining all day and I just didn't have the motivation and courage to go for a walk. But tomorrow I will go, I promise this to myself right now, right here. Well, for this evening I think it's just going to be me, my bear, my candle and my bed. Oh and my laptop 'cause I love browsing around and watch for other blogs and just wathing vlog's on Youtube and stuff, I'm such an internet junky. Is that a weird name? Well, let's keep it this way ; I just love the internet. I guess my life would be a horrible and boring thing when internet would disappear. So my laptop is being stupid so I guess I have to restart it or something, but I promise you guys ; tomorrow I'll make pictures ànd my post will be much more interesting to read!

For now ; good bye, sleep well, see you tomorrow!

Bloguary #4

Hi guys, goodmorning!
I'm not crazy, I didn't fall out of bed this morning thinking it was the 4th of January. Yesterday I just didn't have time to blog for you guys, that just it. I know that it's not a big problem so I won't make a big problem out of it myself. Yesterday was great, I really had a fun day. I spent the whole day with one of my best friends. We went shopping for another friend who celebrated his birthday that evening. We ran into some other friends while we were shopping and we had a blast, seriously, he makes me laugh. Anyways. we had to cook together so we went to the grocery store and bought all the stuff we needed, which suprisingly didn't take long. We made lasagna, and it was delicious! I was glad his parents liked it too. So, after the that we watched a movie and we tried to make ourselfs look good for the party and we just went, obviously. It was raining and my hair was a total disaster but that didn't really matter ofcourse. We had so much fun at the party, it was great. I met some new people, which I was kinda nervous about but ofcourse I didn't have to be after all. By the way, I had my camera with me but I didn't make pictures, 'cause I just forgot. I should have done it, right? I'm sorry guys, maybe next time. So, today I have to write another blogpost for you guys, so this one won't be a long one 'cause I guess my inspiration isn't that great today! It's like, almost 2 o'clock in the afternoon and I didn't even had my lunch or even took a shower, I'm a morning-disaster. My head looks like a halloween-pumpkin and let's just not talk about what my room looks like. I'm going to jump on the crosstrainer, then take a shower and when I'm all set I'm going to clean my room, it's just a total mess and it's kinda freaking me out! So, because this post is short I thoughy that it was fun to go to we heart it and choose pictures to fill up this post. So, yeah, here are some weather-inspired pictures from we heart it, 'cause there's this storm over Holland today. I will talk to you guys soon! Today, I guess.

Bye guys!

Bloguary #3

I'm still alive! Seriously!
Guys, you don't have any idea what the weather was like today. You all know I went to 'Den Haag' and it was so windy and it was just raining at all times and we almost got blew away or something. My hair has never looked that bad it did when I was shopping today. And yes, we shopped till we dropped! I've used my total amount of birthdaymoney at my (new) favorite stooooore ; Lush! Yes yes, I will be smelling amazing the upcoming months. Anyways, the Lush products I've bought are still in their packages and I actually wanted to sort of 'haul' them in a Vlog, but because I never vlogged before and I'm a bit insecure about doing that, I wanted to wait. So, sorry guys, you will have to wait, I hope you don't mind. I can give you some information about the products ; it all are bathbalms and bubble bars. Except for one product, which is a shower gel called 'Glögg'. The rest I will show you as soon as possible. So my friend and I took the train, which went well, which (I use that word a lot) is a miracle 'cause I'm a disaster with the whole train-system. Luckily my friend is a hero. First we spend like, an hour at Lush? After that we just went nosing about (that really is an English saying. I means 'rondneuzen'. If it's not correct, blame Google translate). We both bought a few things, I also bought two simple t-shirts at H&M and a baseball vest/jacket/thing at a store called 'the Sting'. Oh oh oh, and I do not have to forget my huge scentred candle. It's apple cinnemon, mjam. We also ate a lovely chicked sandwhich thing, it was delicious and it even was diet-appropriate, which made us enjoy it even more I guess, we're just girly girls. So I made pictures throughout the day, which all came out to be horrible quality but I'll still upload them 'cause it's just for you guys to follow me around in my life right? I was planning on writing a major blogpost about this day and about all the stuff I bought but I actually am not, I just don't feel like blogging right now.. don't know why.
So, my plans tomorrow are nothing, nothing, nothing and nothing. Oh and don't forget nothing! So, I might make that Vlog I'm so bravely talking about.. Let's see if I will really do that. I can't promise you guys this cause I might be too insecure. When I am, I'm going to make pictures I promise!
Oh and I have a song again that kinda matches my mood, so if you want to know what I'm listening to ; click!. I love her, she's just the best in my opinion. So, the pictures are on my alptop right now so here they comeeee.

I have to guys, 'see' you tomorrow and have fun with living your life please!

My blog on an iMac, I can only dream of this thing being mine 

My friend (1/3 of her) and her 'cup of tea' at Starbucks (I didn't order anything 'cause firstly, I didn't have some cash money left and secondly, I just knew that I would have to go to the toilet after drinking such a huge cup of tea I just didn't take it 'cause we had to wait on the train for half an hour and in the train aren't any toilets and yes I will spare you guys this story now).

Me acting crazy in the fitting room thing. This is one of the shirts I bought, the other one is exactly the same but it has bigger stripes and just blue and white. I know this picture isn't very charming and I know that I'm showing you my weird face but yeah, I thought ; why not?! You guys already know I don't make sense at all.

This is what our tasty and delicious lunch looked like. The colours are very grey-ish but I did that because otherswise the picture was a bit blurry.

Bloguary #2

Happy second day of 2012!
Hi guys! Today I didn't do much at all so I don't have very exciting things to tell you. I jumped out of bed this morning, just had my ordinary breakfast, read the paper, went on the crosstrainer, took a shower, put on some clothes and had a lovely lazy afternoon with one of my best friends. We ate, took a walk, chatted and we watched old pictures of me. I just realised I was so happy when I was little, I never cried and I found e-ve-ry thins SO amazing and fun and I just was a happy kid. I want to be a little funny girl again, is that weird? I enjoyed everything and now I almost always think about downsides first before I think about the great things about something. Like, tomorrow I'll be going to 'Den Haag', shopping with an other lovely friend of mine. The first thing I'm thinking about is, firstly, what to wear and secondly, what the weather is gonna be like. I'm a pretty negative person and I want to change that, so, I'm going to take a note book and write down every single negative thought I have and under that I'm going to write a positive thing against it, so that I don't think about the bad things but about the good things. (Seriously, that sentence is the worst sentence I've ever made in english, sorry guys!) That's a great idea right?! I'm definitely going to do that! By the way, for them who don't know me in person, it's not that I never smile or laugh and that my life is one miserable disaster. It is not! It's great! You haaaave to believe me. It's just me being negative about things at all times. But that will be history soon! So, I was talking about baby pictures of me, well not baby but just old ones. Shall I post them? I think I am! Just for fun! Anyways, my mom is making dinner right now. I just made the salad but I went upstairs to write my blogpost for today! So tomorrow is going to be fun, I hope I'll have time to blog about it 'cause I'm probably sleeping at a friends house but I'll see. Maybe I can do 2 posts on wednesday the fourth? Or is that cheating? Well no it's not 'cause I make 2 posts, one for each day! I seriously just write down my thoughts right now so I guess I just have to go and make those pictures ready to upload. While I'm going to do that I will listen to this song, so, feel free and listen too! (click!)
So, have fun with watching me being all young, ugly and stupid (:
Thanks for reading, again and again and again!

over here I was like, 4 years old sitting on my 'car' in the garden. My hear already was curly back then.

I guess I was like, 8 years old in this picture and the picture below. Talking about my hair ;  when I was getting older my hair lost its curls. I was only 12 when my curls came back again.

this is me with the boy I was talking about yesterday, who I haven't seen in so long!

this is me thinking I'm so great with my kite.

last but not least, this is me (right) with my best friend (left, obviously) playing with our Barbie dolls in the pool at Aruba.

Bloguary #1

First of all, happy new year!
How did you guys spend your night? Mine was just as normal is it always is. Which is no problem, 'cause I had fun though! At 0.00 I went outside with my parents to watch all the firework stuff and to wish all the neighbours a happy new year and stuff. I have very nice neighbours so it was fun. A friend of mine who calls me e-ve-ry year, called again. It's so sweet of him, it instantly kinda made my evening. I'm just realising he's the first one of my friends who I really spoke to this year! After an hour my friend came and we walked around our town untill 3 o'clock I think, which was funny 'cause we ran into all those people who were totally drunk and even though it was a bit scary I could really laugh about it. The most special part was that I ran into a friend who I haven't seen in like, two years. We were kind raised together. We even had 'something' when we were 12 years old. We went on vacations with him and his family so many times! I was soooo happy to see him and it's so weird 'cause he became so 'old' and more mature and he was so nice to me and his hair was darker than it used to be and yeah it was just fun to see him. So, after walking around for 2 hours I think, we went home and just went straight into bed. We talked for a few minutes but we fell asleep kinda soon 'cause we were SO tired. So this morning we woke up and we had breakfast. But, before that, I had a date with our scale. Guess what?! I already weigh what my resolution was for 2012. I was happy with it, but I know my body and tomorrow I will be gained 2 kilo's again so that's just today but it feels good. I also have on my jeans now, which al-ways was too tight and now I need a belt and even with a belt my jeans is too wide. So, I can be proud at myself right? So, I'm waiting on that feeling to come now. I made some pictures yesterday. 'Cause I promised that I was going to do that.
This afternoon I'll spend at my grandmothers house and tonight I don't know yet, I hope my dad wants to drop me of at a friends house and pick me up later but I suppose he doesn't want to do that. Not that he's being all mean or something, it's just that he doesn't want to play for taxi driver all the time.
So, here are the pictures and enjoy your first day of 2012!

these 'balls' are made from dough and raisins. They're so delicious! It a typical thing for new years eve in Holland. They're called 'oliebollen' 

Because I don't like champagne, I drank apple cider.

This is what I wore. It a long black top with an top over it (I believe I bought it at Only) and just some tights and my H&M boyfriend-fit blazer. Not very special but for me it was great 'cause it's comfortable and I felt festive.
And yes I know I cut my head of, if you want to know ; I just had a top knot and no special make-up.