Bloguary #4

Hi guys, goodmorning!
I'm not crazy, I didn't fall out of bed this morning thinking it was the 4th of January. Yesterday I just didn't have time to blog for you guys, that just it. I know that it's not a big problem so I won't make a big problem out of it myself. Yesterday was great, I really had a fun day. I spent the whole day with one of my best friends. We went shopping for another friend who celebrated his birthday that evening. We ran into some other friends while we were shopping and we had a blast, seriously, he makes me laugh. Anyways. we had to cook together so we went to the grocery store and bought all the stuff we needed, which suprisingly didn't take long. We made lasagna, and it was delicious! I was glad his parents liked it too. So, after the that we watched a movie and we tried to make ourselfs look good for the party and we just went, obviously. It was raining and my hair was a total disaster but that didn't really matter ofcourse. We had so much fun at the party, it was great. I met some new people, which I was kinda nervous about but ofcourse I didn't have to be after all. By the way, I had my camera with me but I didn't make pictures, 'cause I just forgot. I should have done it, right? I'm sorry guys, maybe next time. So, today I have to write another blogpost for you guys, so this one won't be a long one 'cause I guess my inspiration isn't that great today! It's like, almost 2 o'clock in the afternoon and I didn't even had my lunch or even took a shower, I'm a morning-disaster. My head looks like a halloween-pumpkin and let's just not talk about what my room looks like. I'm going to jump on the crosstrainer, then take a shower and when I'm all set I'm going to clean my room, it's just a total mess and it's kinda freaking me out! So, because this post is short I thoughy that it was fun to go to we heart it and choose pictures to fill up this post. So, yeah, here are some weather-inspired pictures from we heart it, 'cause there's this storm over Holland today. I will talk to you guys soon! Today, I guess.

Bye guys!

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