Bloguary #1

First of all, happy new year!
How did you guys spend your night? Mine was just as normal is it always is. Which is no problem, 'cause I had fun though! At 0.00 I went outside with my parents to watch all the firework stuff and to wish all the neighbours a happy new year and stuff. I have very nice neighbours so it was fun. A friend of mine who calls me e-ve-ry year, called again. It's so sweet of him, it instantly kinda made my evening. I'm just realising he's the first one of my friends who I really spoke to this year! After an hour my friend came and we walked around our town untill 3 o'clock I think, which was funny 'cause we ran into all those people who were totally drunk and even though it was a bit scary I could really laugh about it. The most special part was that I ran into a friend who I haven't seen in like, two years. We were kind raised together. We even had 'something' when we were 12 years old. We went on vacations with him and his family so many times! I was soooo happy to see him and it's so weird 'cause he became so 'old' and more mature and he was so nice to me and his hair was darker than it used to be and yeah it was just fun to see him. So, after walking around for 2 hours I think, we went home and just went straight into bed. We talked for a few minutes but we fell asleep kinda soon 'cause we were SO tired. So this morning we woke up and we had breakfast. But, before that, I had a date with our scale. Guess what?! I already weigh what my resolution was for 2012. I was happy with it, but I know my body and tomorrow I will be gained 2 kilo's again so that's just today but it feels good. I also have on my jeans now, which al-ways was too tight and now I need a belt and even with a belt my jeans is too wide. So, I can be proud at myself right? So, I'm waiting on that feeling to come now. I made some pictures yesterday. 'Cause I promised that I was going to do that.
This afternoon I'll spend at my grandmothers house and tonight I don't know yet, I hope my dad wants to drop me of at a friends house and pick me up later but I suppose he doesn't want to do that. Not that he's being all mean or something, it's just that he doesn't want to play for taxi driver all the time.
So, here are the pictures and enjoy your first day of 2012!

these 'balls' are made from dough and raisins. They're so delicious! It a typical thing for new years eve in Holland. They're called 'oliebollen' 

Because I don't like champagne, I drank apple cider.

This is what I wore. It a long black top with an top over it (I believe I bought it at Only) and just some tights and my H&M boyfriend-fit blazer. Not very special but for me it was great 'cause it's comfortable and I felt festive.
And yes I know I cut my head of, if you want to know ; I just had a top knot and no special make-up.

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