Bloguary #10

Good evening girls/guys/monkeys/zombies/whatever you may be!
So, my day was SO excting. I jumped out of bed and suddenly there was a helicopter waiting for me downstairs. I jumped under the shower and put on my nicest and most beautiful outfit out of my walk-in-closet and the man in the helicopter flew me to Hawaii. I just spent my day over there, chilling out in the sun, drinking the most delicious smoothies and swimming in the most blue sea you guys have ever seen! One hour ago I was still partying and enjoying my super important person's day someone just arranged for me so that I would have something exciting to write down on my blog. Isn't that SO nice? Seriously if my life was like that, I would all pick you up with my helicopter and give you guys that one little day of to the sun we all need so much! Don't you guys have that feeling? I really would love it to be summer right now. I'm a winterperson though, I actually don't really like summer! But it's just that people are much more happy and coming out of bed is much less cold and biking or walking outside isn't the worst thing anymore, but just the best! And everyone smiles and there are flowers and stuff. Well, I have summer and flowers in my head and a smile on my face all day lately. Anyways, enough about this period we still have to wait for so long. Today I just went to school and came home, made my homework. So, yeah that's probably just the only thing I have to tell you today! Oh yeah and I took a bath with my Lush cinders bathbalm thing! It was so lovely, it smelled like cinnamon and it made my water look like I peed in it (which I obviously didn't!) but it was just fun, the noise and stuff ; I liked it. So, my mom is making dinner and my belly is already making this weird noises so I hope it's almost ready! I have to go now, I guess! Besides, I don't really have to tell you guys anything more either. I will write a more usefull blogpost tomorrow!

With much love,

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