Bloguary #11

Wow, I'm still blogging every day! It's just that I thought I would never reach my goal ; blogging every single day of January, but I think I'm going to reach this one guys! So, hello. Today was just like every other ordinary schoolday. Except the fact that I had, how do you call that in English? Gym class? I don't know, me and my class just had to sport for two hours. I usually just hate that 'cause I fail with e-ver-y-thing, but today we could choose whatever we wanted to do so I took a jump rope and jumped around for a bit and watched my talented and brave friends practising on doing a so called 'summersault', which is 'salto' in Dutch. I really don't understand why it's called a summersault but yeah that wasn't the point. Anyways, I just had an ordinary day. After dinner, which I will have in a few minutes, I will be going to my choir-practise-thing? It's not really a choir like opera singing or something, it's just a bunch of girls who sing popular songs together. I like it a lot. The only downside is that I have to go by bike in the dark, on my own. That's just not my hobby. I do like it that I have to bike because of the excercise part of it, burn calories yeah! So I told you guys yesterday that I wanted to do a post on something. Not just blabla-ing around like I usually do. So, I thought about something what had to do with clothing and fashion? Not that I know that much about it though. Anyways, you guys know I'm addicted to watching girls on youtube vlogging and filming beauty and fashion video's right? So, there's one girl named 'missglamorazzi' and she has these amazing sweaters. I saw her wearing them and I thought that they were so cosy, soft (well, tey looked like they were) and cosy, but still very cute to wear! I already loved sweaters, but now I found out about these I really really really want to have a look-a-like! I would love to have a real one, but, two things ; I can't buy them over here and they're all over a hundred dollars, which is just too much for a girl my age I guess, for just a sweater. I still wanted to show you guys what I'm talking about, so I made this 'set' on Polyvore and picked out some sweaters I liked. My favorites are the pink one with the heart on it and the black one with the tiger-head-thing, 'cause I just love black. I also love the American Flag. So, I have a question which I don't know if someone could help me out here but I'm still putting it out here so that maybe someone reads this and saw it ; where can I buy a look-a-like? I don't think this question will be answered 'cause my blog isn't that popular, but yeah, maybe by a miracle? 
I have to go guys, dinner is ready! 

Much love,

2 opmerkingen:

  1. niet zeggen dat niemand je blog leest, want ik lees hem altijd (:
    die truien zijn zó leuk he!
    met die amerikaanse vlag vind ik heeeel leuk!
    ik denk dat je dit soort truien wel bij new look/monki kan vinden!
    komt er ook nog een shoplog van je lushproducten? (:

  2. Volgens mij heeft h&m ook wel dit soort truien of zeg ik nu iets doms?

    Ik zie die shoplog van je lush dingen ook wel zitten geloof ik! ^^