Bloguary #12

Hello, there I am again, as usual these days.
So, I was totally out of inspiration, but then there was my amazing guitar playing friend I already kind of introduced you guys to, who had this amazing (what an amazingness!) idea of doing a post about what I still want to do in my life. So I thought, that will be a tough one. There are so many things I still want to do or make happen or something. So this will kinda be a bucketlist post! And I'm a very very very big disaster as it comes to making that kind of lists so it will be much shorter than you (and I) expect it to be, but still, just try is never a wrong thing to do.
What do I want to do or reach or make happen in my life part 1, 'cause there is obviously a part 2 and 3 because I will forget most things in this post, or just don't think about them and realize they just have to be in this list!
So, make yourself comfortable! Here we go.

I would love to..

- make as many people smile as I can
- continue singing my whole life
- take a very long shower and dance and sing
- once be fully proud of myself about something
- accept myself just for who I am
- go swimming without being insecure
- wear just a top without thinking about my arms or belly
- be healthy as long as my body also does
- eat healthy and take good care of myself
- get very old
- once have a family myself (when I'm a lot older than I am now, ofcourse)
- sing on a 'real' stage for many people, just to emotionally 'touch' them and make them smile
- go on a trip with my best friends
- live/study in the United States for a few years
- go to and discover Australia
- bike along the shore in a pretty, warm and beautiful land with no people around
- buy a real camera and take pictures like on we heart it
- get my high school diploma next year
- raise money for a poor country
- choose the right school and education in a few years
- once ride a rollercoaster
- stay up all night
- sleep all day
- do this as long as I can
- make my job out of doing this sorts of things
- buy a Wildfox sweater (Blogaury #11)
- go to church more often
- have my own magazine, or just work for one
- go and have a day or a few days in a wellness center with my mom
- drive, or even buy a Fiat 500
- have a slightly bigger room so that I can have a double bed
- overcome my fears and jump out of plane with someone special (with a parachute, ofcourse)
- learn myself to eat fish more often
- marry my crosstrainer
- get a little bit braver
- keep my friendships I have now as long as I can (!)
- make cupcakes and actually eat them
- have a Ben & Jerry's day
- wear my pyjama to school once
- play guitar like my friend(s) does (do)
- hug as many people as I can (only if I actually know them ofcourse)
- write a song which actually makes sense
- have my own little house when I get older
- never forget how to play the flute
- just book a hotel with someone special and just stay in the room, eat and watch movies
- once be drunk in my life
- upload a Vlog
- convince someone of loving that person in an unusual way
- have a dog when I'm older
- go to an Adele-concert

Allright, serisouly, this has taken me half an hour to write down? I know there are a lot more things I want to do in my life but this is just a short list! I didn't mean anything in there to be stupid or mean. If something doesn't make sense to you please tell me and I'll explain 'cause nothing is this list is to brag or something! It's obviously not the point that I want to have these things and only then I can be happy or something, I already am happy with my life and it's amazing and I don't want it to be anything else.

I have to go 'cause times running like crazy and I still have to learn for my test tomorrow and go on the crosstrainer ánd take a bath (the learning and the bath I can mix, which I always do).

Bye guys, thank you so much for reading again! I'd love to know your lists so if you have your own blog ; post it. If you don't ; just find some other way so that I can read it!

Lots of love,

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  1. Wauwww, dat is een hele lijst! Ik wil ook leren vis te eten, ik vind het eigenlijk heel vies maar ik vind het hoog tijd dat ik het lekker ga vinden haha! En mijn middelbare school diploma halen staat ook op de planning. Wat leuk dat je ook communicatie gaat doen :) Waar ga je dat doen?