Bloguary #13

Hello guys!
Here's just another day of not knowing what to blog about. Seriously, it's like my life is getting so boring lately, but that will change now 'cause it's W to the EEKEND and I seriously am sure I will have an amazing one! First of all just the sleeping in is already one of the best things! That's what I kinda miss the most from the last two weeks. Anyways, I made that economy test today and it didn't go that bad, but I won't have a great grade either. So, yeah. I'm kinda happy 'cause I thought that it would be even worse. Because I have nothing to blog about, I'm just going to tell you what colour I have on my nails. It's a dark shiny blue-ish colour called 'Pier 17'. I believe I talked about this polish earlier. I, by the way, have a great tip agains chipping nails! When you have put one layer of topcoat over your nails, do another layer but just on the top. Like the white in a French manicure. This helps for me, I tried it yesterday and my nails are still looking perfect. Which is great 'cause my nails tend to chip just like the next day already. So enough about the nailpolish, I just am going to think about something to blog on. Is that a real English sentence? I don't know, mostly I just ramble. It's the most important thing that you guys understand, right? Allright seriously something just popped up in my mind and I am totally gonna do this. So, if you guys have twitter you might know about 'OMG I do this too'. It's basically someone, I don't know who it is, who tweets things and if you have the same thing or you just recognize it, you retweet it. So, I thought, I'm going to make a list of things I found on OMG I do this too or in a magazine which I recognize myself! It's a fun way for you guys to get to know me a little better, even it will be a little embarrasing for me. Put on your smile and prepare to have a laugh 'cause here they come! I'm gonna say goodbye first 'cause otherwise the 'set-up' of this blogpost looks stupid to me.

Don't forget to put in the comments what you recognize in my list!
Much love,

OMG I do this too!

Checking if you have secret powers by (for example) concentrating on somebodies head, trying to kind of hear what they think. Or, trying to make something move by just looking at it.

Clicking on the 'save' button more than 10 times, just to be sure your work won't be gone the next day.

Say 'What did you say?' when you actually heard them but didn't come up with an answer yet.

Suddenly realise that the word 'bed' actually looks like one and being all amazed by it.

Writing things down on your to-do-list which you have actually already done, just so that you have something to tick.

Pronouncing a word totally wrong and if your friend corrects you, react with saying ; 'yes, I know. Really, did I say that? Weird!'.

Having the feeling you have lost all your friends and being all depressed just because a movie ended.

Being all sad when you think you have a message from someone special and it actually is from your network server.

Looking at your phone you check the time, but not really paying attention so that you have to look twice.

Touching your clothes, hair or shoes when something gets awkward and you don't know what to do about it.

Promising yourself to never talk to him/her again, and after one hour you've already changed your mind.

Standing in front of your closet and trying on some new outfits to be all fashionable but after all just putting on your favorite sweater (again).

Constantly checking your phone, even though if you really had a text, it would have rang or buzzed.

Deleting a tweet and completely write it over again 'cause you just made a little typo.

Promising yourself to eat just one cookie and before you know it the whole package is empty ( don't do this anymore, but it was a tough one to 'overcome')

Judging books or movies by their covers.

When you haven't talked to a friend in a long time, thinking that you did something wrong even though you haven't even seen or talked to him/her for a while.

Secretely talking to your stuffed animals, just because they're the only ones who won't judge and don't care what you look like.

just a picture from we heart it to make this post look a little more colourfull.

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  1. Leuke blogpost! Ik herken er ook wel een paar, haha. Keep op the good work! Xxxx

  2. like it (:
    Ik herken me er zelfs in .. als dude ^^
    Female side speelt soms op dus,