Bloguary #14

It's saturdaaaaay! I love saturdays, seriously! So, today a friend of mine is coming over and I'm looking forward to it very much. He lives half an hour away so I'm going to jump on my bike and pick him up, so that I had my workout (next to crosstraining) today. We're going to make lasagne together. I wanted to pick something else once, 'cause with friends I al-ways make lasagne, but I couldn't come up with something which is easy to make stuff we have in the fridge. Yeah I know I can go to the grocery store, right? But the thing is, we're getting a different grocery store. They are like re-building the whole thing so it's closed this week. My dad went to another city and bought all the stuff we need this week (I have to cook 'cause my mom is on a trip with her friends) and there was nothing fun to cook besides lasagne, so I guess that's the best idea right? Anyways, I want to do a fun blogpost but I obviously don't have something exciting to tell today. I thought ; yeaaaah weekend, now I have so many things to tell you guys, but I have not. Boring life. Tomorrow is gonna be a learn-day so yeah, that obviously isn't exciting either. I'm gonna go dress up and blowdry my hair!

Have a great weekend with friends and stuff!

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