Bloguary #15

Hi guys, here I am again! So, today I made pictures! I really did! I know I always say and promise to make pictures, but right now, today, I actually did it. I went on a little biking trip with my dad, and I thought I could bring my camera and make some pictures. The weather was great, the sun was even shining. Today wasn't a very adventure-full day, but I still enjoyed it. I made my homework, I went on the crosstrainer, had a lovely breakfast with my dad and biked for one hour. Oh and I painted my nails again. They're like army green now. Anyways, I wanted to just upload the pictures and write a whole story on here but I guess I just don't have any inspiration. AGAIN. Tomorrow one of my best friends is coming over to sleep here. Yes I know it's Monday tomorrow, but luckily for us we don't have to get up that early on Tuesday. My room by the way is a total mess, it kinda freaks my out but because I just painted my nails I have to wait with cleaning up my room and stuff. Yesterday by the way, I had a great time with my friend. We had so much fun, we made music and talked a lot and made lasagne, which was great by the way, it was just fun. So, I guess my inspiration ends here? There will be something more usefull soon again! I will upload the pictures and go back to my lovely homework! Have a great sunday guys, what's left of it! 


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  1. wauw, mooie foto's chick! Ik praat nu ook met je op whatsapp, maar toch zeg ik het hier. :).

    Xxxx c