Bloguary #16

Good evening lovely people.
These start-sentences annoy me like crazy! They're so mature, like I'm going to give you the latest political news or something? Does anyone have a fun idea to begin my posts with?
Anyways. today it was blue monday. The third monday of January is called that way, 'cause it supposed to be the most depressing day of the year or something. Well, although I was bit grumpy because I couldn't go home earlier 'cause my math teacher was being stupid, I had a fun day. Most of all the being-home-part, ofcourse. I had fun at school though, but seriously this day felt like a century! A friend of mine is coming over tonight, she crashes here (which means she sleeps here). Even though we have to study a bit together, and go to bed early, I just know we're gonna have a good time. So I promised I would blog about something more usefull today, so I have to come up with a subject and I will begin. Yes, something popped up in my head. Well it didn't really exactly, I have a  strategy. I take one of my magazines, I randomly open it and choose one word, which right now was 'date'.  So, I thought yeah, why not ; I'm gonna write down some tips for dates! Not that I am a real expert. Actually I am like, the most inexperienced 17-year-old girl but I don't care, I chose that word and I have to do this from myself. And with valentine's day coming up, it's kinda fun right?

When thàt day is coming up, girls (I don't know about boys, maybe they do too) al-ways start stressing out about things. What to wear, what to talk about, where to go.. I know that these things are not the most easy things to evade, but it's a good idea to at least try.

Firstly, the boy/girl/alien you're going on a date with, loves to be with you. And just you. Don't go crazy with outfits because you want the other one to think you look great. It's the most important thing to be comfortable. I know for sure everyone already knows this, but I have a little extra tip. Because I am a girl who really cares about what I am wearing, I always want to look nice but still have that little me-thing. For me, my kind of statement piece are my little bow clips I put in my hair. What I'm trying to say here is that, you can choose your most fashionable outfit, but just give your outfit a touch of your typical you so that you still have something you're sure and confident about and what screams 'It's me you're dating with, even though I look like a total clown in this too tight jeans'.

Secondly, try to be fashionably late. Not because you want to let him/her/it think you're slothful or not interessted or something. But picture this ; you have made an agreement to be somewhere at 8 o'clock and you are way to early. Plenty of time to think and get even more insecure or nervous. When he/she/it suddenly grabs your hand during the movie, you don't want them to be all sweaty right? And don't worry, if they are he/she/it 1. won't even mind 2. will probably have the same problem.

Up next ; don't lie. I know, this sounds cliché, 'cause that's a logical thing right? It's not. It's scientifically proven that when you're with someone of which you find it important that he/she/it likes you or finds you interesting, you are inclined to lie and make up things faster. So, an example ; he/she/it tells you what movie is his/her/its favorite, and you totally agree even though you haven't even heard of the whole thing before. That's just stupid. Just tell him/her/it that you've never seen the movie and you'd love to watch it together. In the pocket ; next date!

Little secret between us ; a friend of mine once told me that if someone likes you, he/she/it starts copying you. Your words and your posture. She told me that, when someone likes you, his/her/its wrists are turned with the inside on top, so, with 'open hands'. This unconsciously means that he/she/it is interested in what you're saying. Don't worry, if your date doesn't turns his/her/its wrists it's not that they aren't interested, it was just a little fun fact.

For most people, smell is something important. Unconsciously our bodies find natural body oder or totally horrible or amazing. If you unconsciously (what a horrible word) don't like his/her/its body oder, it's like, not going to work for 75%. Anyways, what I tried to say was ; smell is something important. Make sure to smell nice, but don't overdo it. You know that particular someone who always has that smell you already recognize when he/she isn't even near you? Yeah, that's what we're trying to avoid here. Just take your favorite perfume or deodorant and spray it on your clothes. 1. the scent will 'stay' longer and 2. your clothes kinda absorb the 'too-much', which prevents walking around like a overdosed perfumestore.

The last tip is the most simple one and the hardest one at the same time ; ENJOY! You're spending time with the person/alien you want to be with! Don't let it go to waste just because you're nervous. When it just doesn't work, it just doesn't. Everything happens for a reason.

So, these things weren't even that hard to come up with, even though I'm highly unexperienced with real 'going out' dates. By the way, when you're having a chill out and watch a movie date, it might still come in handy to just read these tips once. For the record ; when all these things I just told you totally fail on your date, don't worry. It are just tips and it's not that I am the expert. If you tend to do things different, it's totally up to you. I just wanted to write a usefull post, that's all.

If you have a date soon ; have a great great great time! Enjoy, smile and be smiled back at.
For the non-daters ; next-up I will be writing about what to do when you're home alone and you don't want to be bored.

Have a lovely evening and good luck with getting up tomorrow,

by the way ; I wrote this down in a kind off hurry, so sorry if I made a lot of mistakes!

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