Bloguary #17

I'm eating this tangerine right now, but I don't really know for sure if he isn't rotten yet. No it's not that bad, it's just ; he lost its taste and he has this 'I have spent too many hours under the shower' look. But, eventhough he doesn't look perfect, he still deserves a chance to be eaten. So, back to normal again, if that's possible with me. Hi guys. Yesterday with my friend was so much fun. We talked about a lot of stuff and we had the giggles for like, more than 80% of the whole evening. We also painted our nails but I already took my polish of because it's just a disaster with me. When my nails start chpping, what they do very very easily, I just get the urge to clean them. Now I have these short little baby nails. Oh, I finished my tangerine by now for the record. So, I wanted to do a post today on how not to be bored when you're home alone, but 1. I don't have that much time and 2. I thought for me and most of my friends, this week in school is coming up when you just have tests. tests. tests. Did I forget to mention all the tests we will have to make? So, I thought ; if I'm going to write about fun things to do, people start wanting to do these things in stead of learning and stuff so it's just not the right timing. Seriously, it's getting dark so early. My laptop screen is getting lighter and lighter but it's just because of the 'air' getting darker and darker. So. I al-ways start my sentences with 'so' and 'anyways'. Is that annoying? I'm so sorry. I am just rambling right now, just about nothing. I think I am just going to stop. Sorry for this little, non-usefull post you guys, I will make sure to write something more usefull anytime soon.

Love, love and much more love,

I found this on we heart it and it's actually true! 

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