Bloguary #18

Hi, I am Stella. I know for sure you have never heard about me before 'cause I don't like, blog every day? Sorry, I have just no ideas on how to start my posts. Anyways, like I said, hi! I am sitting on the couch and I have just finished my dinner. Today was a total disaster. I felt like my tangerine yesterday did. I just feel grumpy and sad and a little sick and tired and everything I did today was a total disaster. I just didn't really have my day, that's all. I'm getting close to that-time-of-the-month, so I guess that's just it. I'm watching Teen Mom by the way. That girl just gave birth to her son and she's 17 years old, like, the same age as I am? Seriously I just can't imagine to have a baby right now? It gives me the chills actually. Well, let's just not think about it. I want to do a lovely post today, I want to tell you guys so much but I actually don't really know what? I know what I am going to do. I am going to browse around on the internet, searching for spring fashion ideas. 'Cause I'm always thinking about summer and spring lately, why not figure out what kind of clothes I would love to wear this year? While I'm browsing I can just like, tell you some random stuff? Like ; yesterday I had the most amazing evening I've had in such a long time. And, this morning I fell from the stairs and really laughed about myself 'cause it was just stupid. And, I'm planning on going to bed early today, but I already know that's not gonna work. So I just ate this delicious little yoghurt thingie, with muesli and other wheats and it was just lovely. Anyways, I found these pictures on, and I recognized them! I actually follow this girl on her blog, and it's just amazing. I love her outfits. So, I'm just gonna post them and write underneath what I like about it and stuff. For the record, her blog is amazing (click!) and I just picked the pictures 'cause I like the outfits. You should really check her blog out! Anyways, I'm gonna go now! I will just post the pictures and give little comments and I am going to take a bath and go to sleep early! First on the crosstrainer, of-course!

Bye lovely people, see you tomorrow!

I am in love with the American shorts! I would love to have a pair like that this summer

I love the green-orange combination, and I just have something with coloured pants! 

This, again, I like because the coloured pants. I love the 'comfort' look about this.

Again a 'thing' I have ; panties with shorts. I also love the cropped sweater. But maybe that will be to hot in summer and stuff, maybe the same thing but in a shirt-style.

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