Bloguary #19

So here's your stalker again, blog! I actually really have been stalking my blog lately! I don't really think my blog actually minds, right? So, today I actually came up with a subject to blog about all by myself, no magazines or friends involved. Aren't you guys proud of me? No I'm totally joking. Anyways, I totally fail with typing today 'cause I just finished polishing my nails. If you want to know ; my nails are very short and painted in a very very very light pink colour. They look very nude, I like that for now 'cause I'm not really in the mood for bright, screaming colours. Anyways, back to my self-came-up-with-subject. I've been feeling like a dead flower the last past days, and I have been noticing I'm not the only one. I thought about things which make us girls happy, and the first thing which popped into my mind was friend obviously, but next up in the list ; shopping ofcourse! And because shopping is not the most easy thing to do (so many cute stuff, too many choices to make, pain in the back and blisters all over your feet) I thought I'm gonna give those girls my personal shopping tips! I know for most of us the horrible so called 'test-week' is coming up, but why not get this little butterflie in our stomach of knowing you're going to shop with a friend soon a little earlier? We can use a brighter-up, can't we?

Firstly, prepare for a long day of working out. Because, yes girls, with shopping you quickly lose those calories! I have made a little check list to prepare yourself for a good day of shopping.

1. Check the weather forecast. If it's going to be chilly and windy, you would prefer wearing something like a vest or a cardigan. In wintertimes like this, just wear your favorite coat of which you know for sure it will keep you warm. If it's going to rain, bring a bag of which you know it won't leak. To be sure your stuff won't get wet, put a plastic bag inside of your bag, over your stuff. If it's going to be sunny ; perfect chance to forget your sunglasses because you have an excuse to buy new ones!

2. Make sure you have comfortable shoes on, in which you won't get blisters. I prefer not wearing heels by the way, but I guess you guys agree with that. If you tend to get blisters in every pair of shoes you own, don't be silly and take some patches with you. Seriously, blisters aren't worth the pain and they will ruin your whole day.

3. Make sure your bag contains nothing but usefull stuff. I tend to carry too much, so this is a good tip for myself too. Take your wallet (most important), a bottle of water, an elastic for your hair, asperine in case you get a headache (which I do a lot) a little thing to snack on, maybe a cracker, an apple or a chocolate bar, a deodorant and some make-up. Not that everyone takes their make-up. I actually do, but I never use it. Ne-ver. But, if you want to have something with you to touch it up or put on an extra layer of mascara because you and your friend(s) are going to have a drink at a place with many cute guys (you'll never know), make sure you have the most little bag you own and only put the most important things in it.

4.  Try to make a list of shops you really want to go to because you want th├át particular dress or those particular shoes. If you're going to a city you've never been before, it's smart to first find out where they are and print out a route planner or use the navigation-app on your phone.

So, that's that. Now I'm moving on to the actual tips.

Firstly, choose the right time to go. Avoid those days where everyone is going. I know saturday is the most easy day to go because we're still in school and stuff, but if you can avoid saturday or any other busy day ; try! You don't want to see this one girl steal the last jeans in your size, right?

Secondly, when you're shopping, you just grab those things you like. You'll end up having all different stuff which actually don't make an outfit together. It's more usefull to buy a whole outfit at one time, in case you buy a shirt you thought went with that cardigan, but it ends up being the wrong colour and you don't have another cardigan to pair your shirt with.

Thirdly, advice. If you're not really sure about buying something, you can ask your friend for advice. The thing with advice is, it brings down your own fashion insticts! Try to rely on yourself for once and just BUY that coloured pants. If it was love at first sight with this pair of shoes your friend doens't really like, go on a fashion-mission to prove her wrong! Advice also has a good side, maybe your friend can give you that little extra to push to just buy this statement neon piece, even though you're afraid of wearing it. Try to think out of the box for once.

Check, check, double check. Check the price, check the size, check if there isn's something wrong with the pair of earring you're buying. It's important to overthink stuff a few times. Am I going to wear this and with what and is it worth the price I'm paying for.

Last but not least ; shopping is fun! Don't think to much and have an awesome time! And prepare for the 'checking your bank account' moment.
Good luck with shopping girls! I have to study and cook right now, which is something a lot less interesting!


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  1. Sorry dat ik zo laat reageer.. Je zit inderdaad bij mij op school, echt grappig haha! :) Ik ken je nu al een paar jaar van de muziekavond denk ik, klinkt echt stalkerig he. :P Leuk geschreven, het 'checking your bank account moment' is inderdaad een hel. ;) xxx