Bloguary #2

Happy second day of 2012!
Hi guys! Today I didn't do much at all so I don't have very exciting things to tell you. I jumped out of bed this morning, just had my ordinary breakfast, read the paper, went on the crosstrainer, took a shower, put on some clothes and had a lovely lazy afternoon with one of my best friends. We ate, took a walk, chatted and we watched old pictures of me. I just realised I was so happy when I was little, I never cried and I found e-ve-ry thins SO amazing and fun and I just was a happy kid. I want to be a little funny girl again, is that weird? I enjoyed everything and now I almost always think about downsides first before I think about the great things about something. Like, tomorrow I'll be going to 'Den Haag', shopping with an other lovely friend of mine. The first thing I'm thinking about is, firstly, what to wear and secondly, what the weather is gonna be like. I'm a pretty negative person and I want to change that, so, I'm going to take a note book and write down every single negative thought I have and under that I'm going to write a positive thing against it, so that I don't think about the bad things but about the good things. (Seriously, that sentence is the worst sentence I've ever made in english, sorry guys!) That's a great idea right?! I'm definitely going to do that! By the way, for them who don't know me in person, it's not that I never smile or laugh and that my life is one miserable disaster. It is not! It's great! You haaaave to believe me. It's just me being negative about things at all times. But that will be history soon! So, I was talking about baby pictures of me, well not baby but just old ones. Shall I post them? I think I am! Just for fun! Anyways, my mom is making dinner right now. I just made the salad but I went upstairs to write my blogpost for today! So tomorrow is going to be fun, I hope I'll have time to blog about it 'cause I'm probably sleeping at a friends house but I'll see. Maybe I can do 2 posts on wednesday the fourth? Or is that cheating? Well no it's not 'cause I make 2 posts, one for each day! I seriously just write down my thoughts right now so I guess I just have to go and make those pictures ready to upload. While I'm going to do that I will listen to this song, so, feel free and listen too! (click!)
So, have fun with watching me being all young, ugly and stupid (:
Thanks for reading, again and again and again!

over here I was like, 4 years old sitting on my 'car' in the garden. My hear already was curly back then.

I guess I was like, 8 years old in this picture and the picture below. Talking about my hair ;  when I was getting older my hair lost its curls. I was only 12 when my curls came back again.

this is me with the boy I was talking about yesterday, who I haven't seen in so long!

this is me thinking I'm so great with my kite.

last but not least, this is me (right) with my best friend (left, obviously) playing with our Barbie dolls in the pool at Aruba.

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