Bloguary #20

Happy horrible friday! Today was just one of these days which you'd prefer not talking about. But because I own this blog and because I kinda 'have' to tell you about my day, I will. So, at first, this morning I was all cuddled up just dreaming about things I don't remember and this annoying bell thing keeps ringing. I thought ; please someone put that thing of I'm trying to sleep here. I don't know how long it took to make me realise it was my alarm which wanted to tell me it was time to leave my bed. So, I did. I left my bed, went downstairs, ate my breakfast, read the paper, went on the crosstrainer, jumped under the shower etc. and went to school. The first hour in school I had to do this economics presentation which I had worked really hard for. Guess what? I didn't even get a good grade! I was so disappointed, and my class also said they thought I didn't get a grade I deserved. I just think my economics teacher despises me or something? Anyways, it just instantly made me feel kinda worhtless? I know I know total bullshit but you guys know it's that-time-of-the-month for me right now, so I tend to cry about everything. I didn't cry though. So, I survived the day, laughed a bit with one of my best friends, who came over on Monday to crash at my house and who's coming tonight to crash here again! Yeah, I really love her. Plus ; my father is leaving for his little trip to Austria and my mom didn't return yet and they didn't want me to spend the night alone. And I just love sleepovering (I know that's not an actual word) with my friend. So, first I have to go to my musicallesson with her, which is SO much fun! The girls in my group are lovely and it's just an amazing beginning of my weekend. Right now I'm having this headache and I just took an asperine but I wonder if it's going to work. Seriously, my dad wants to break the stairs? He is walking like a big ass elephant right now. Sometimes, he makes me 'palm my face'. I love him, though. But he's just a bit annoying sometimes. Like I am too, so maybe he juts genetically gave that to me. And right now he's stealing all the sweet stuff and candy for his trip (he's travelling by bus). I don't mind, if it isn't there I can't eat it, right? I also just know there's this bag with M&M's and I know it's in my house but I just don't touch it. I'm a bit proud about that actually. Anyways, I have to have dinner early today 'cause otherwise I will like, pass out at my musicallesson. I actually already am hungry! It's just 16.30. Guys my headache it getting worse and worse, I guess I will just stop blogging now 'cause my laptop screen light isn't making me feel any better.

Bye, see you all tomorrow!

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