Bloguary #22

These upcoming weeks I will change into a sow bug. Why? Because I have to do so much for school. I really really really want to go for it, so I guess I just have to live under a stone with my books. Living under a stone is a Dutch saying I believe, which means you're locking yourself out of your social life. So right now at this very moment my best friend and I are texting eachother things like
uuuuh, aaaai, mheeeew, wieeee 'cause he has problems with concentrating and stuff and he wanted to 'out' his frustration, so I just joined him! I am laughing out loud! Which this morning seemed mission impossible. I was shacking all over and my mom was so worried. After I ate a slice of bread with something where I can't find the English word for, I kinda stopped. My sugarlevel was too low or something, but I felt horrible. I still feel weird, I'm so hot and I'm just wearing a shirt, while my mom walks around with 3 sweaters and a thick pair of socks? I have very cold, sweaty hands and I'm nauseous the whole time? I think I am getting a little cold or something, but I will feel better soon I know for sure. So that was just my life update. Not very positive but I'm allright though, mentally. My body is full of hormones which make me feel sad but I'm fighting against them with my happy music and a long long bath with my Lush product called Glögg, which smells like coke mixed with cinnamon. How can you not adore that? My mom just asked me what I want to eat and we decided to eat pasta! I love pasta! Although it's not that good for you. So, shall I talk to you about something usefull? I don't know, I think I can't come up with a subject to write about. And I actually want to go downstairs to eat a pickle, 'cause I feel like I want to eat something, 'cause that sometimes helps against my nausiousness. When I eat pickels, a kind of frenzy begins and I start eating the whole jar. I just love pickles! I am a pickle-loving sow bug! Isn't that a cool thing? It's so funny because I know for sure some Dutch people who read this, don't know what a sow bug is, or what a pickle is, or what nausiousness means. I also looked it up though, with Google translate. If that didn't excist, I was screwed. I just looked up the Dutch meaning of screwed, but it's not what I meant to say? Some English words just mean something different in Dutch. Anyways, I'm like freezing right now (in 15 minutes my body turned into an icecube, I guess I really am getting sick) so I'm going to put on my sweatpants and continue working on my planning (I already did what I had to do today but I'm so glad I have enough motivation today).

Enjoy your sunday guys, what's still left of it!
Much love and hugs,
Pickle-loving sow bug Stella.

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