Bloguary #23

Could you please stop shining that light onto my face? Living under a stone for such a long time causes some painfull things when you come back into your social life again. No I was joking. The light does hurt though, 'cause I have a crazy group of dancing elephants in my forehead. Headache for real. Anyways, I just am doing my random blogpost today 'cause I don't have a lot to talk about other then me being screwed up, tired and a little sick. I wish I could tell you more exciting stuff but yeah, I can't. I will be having dinner in like, 15 minutes, so this post will be a short one. I just went on the crosstrainer, and during my little work-out I was watching Gossip Girl again. Such pretty girls, I am jealous. Not that I am that childish ; I know it's not real etc. but a girl can dream right? Let me think about some fashionable things to tell you. My nails are plain. Nothing on them. My hair is in a messy bun on top of my head. My outfit is too ugly to function and my face looks like a zombie emoticon on MSN messenger. Yeah, that's my life as a sow bug! Oh my mom called, I have to go downstairs for dinner! I am still hoping on a little sunshine these upcoming days, gonna join me hope?


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