Bloguary #25

Hello lovely readers, here I am again!
So, this morning was so much fun for me. It's my moms birthday today, and that is why I wanted tp suprise her with a breakfast in bed! Yesterday I bought little American pancakes and chocolate truffles and I made a smoothie with yoghurt, banana and strawberries. I wrote her a card which is a kind of 'gift card' to pick out a beat for her favorite bracelet. I also bought her a shower gel which my friend recommended me to buy 'cause her mother loves it. I actually smelled it and I think she has to share it with me! No I'm just joking, I bought it for her. Anyways, she loved it! The picture looks afwull again but yeah I at least tried! The chocolate on the pancakes was a bit melted already but she still was able to read it, I hope you guys are too. I had so much fun organising this for her, she totally deserves it! Do you guys also have such a relationship with your mother or father or sister or grandmother like I do with my mom? She's my best friend and knows every little detail about me. When there's a time everything starts to fall apart I always have her to help with making plans to get my life back on track, kinda. I just love her. I love my dad too, ofcourse! He isn't home, he's on a trip to Austria! So, back to normal life, I am free from school today and I'm working on my schoolwork for 4 and a half hours already. It's starting to get on my nerves but I'm almost done. I'm kinda proud 'cause my planning helps me and I really promise myself to finish it before I go do other things. So right now I'm kinda being naughty 'cause I still have to learn one chapter history, but yeah, distraction is in need. I think I also am going to jump on my bike today, just for a little trip outside to clear my head. Tonight my mom and I are going to watch a movie and cook together. Nothing special, just brocolli and stuff! I guess I'm gonna go now, finish my planning and take a bath!

I hope you guys have a lovely week!

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  1. aahw stell, wat lief van je!
    het ziet er echt superlekker uit (: