Bloguary #26

I can hardly keep my eyes open right now guys, I am so tired of learning and all that writing and practising. I think if I lay my head down on my desk right now it will literally only take me 2 seconds to fall asleep. It's raining outside and I'm home alone and everything looks so grumpy and grey and lifeless. All around me are summaries and papers which are only white with thousends of black letters on them. Everything looks so boring it's an instant sleeping pill. I wanted to go outside for a walk because it could fresh me up a little but I really can't push myself to go. I am wearing absolutely no make up and I look like a character in a horror movie but then even worse. Enough negative thoughts? Yeah I think so too. Maybe some of you out there are having amazing days.. you'll never know. So, I'm just browsing around on the internet watching Youtube video's and wanting to have a life like those girls do. You know what, let's just get it out there ; I. am. totally. grumpy. today. Yes, there, I said it. You might already noticed but I just wanted to say it. So, to make myself happy again I guess I am just going to crash down on my bed and sleep for one little hour. I guess that's the best thing right? I'm going to make a plan ; sleep, shower, polish my nails in a bright colour, listening happy music and wait untill my mom gets home so that she can make my learning proces a little easier by listening to me. I always give whole speeches when I'm learning. I'm trying to be my own teacher. Kinda fun, you should try it! Imagine you're standing in front of a whole classroom of little children who have never ever heard of the subject you have to learn about. It makes it easier to see if you fully understand and if you're able to put it into your own words. It helps! So, my mom makes it more fun 'cause when she listens she asks questions and I'm just not that lonely. I mean, me talking all by myself imagining that there are people listening looks kinda awkward, doesn't it?
So, now that I've made this little plan I feel better already! Tomorrow I will have to go to school again, which I'm absolutely NOT looking forward too but I guess it's a must. Yeah, it's a must. I'm talking total bullshit right now, I will leaaaave already!

Bye guys, I hope my grumpy-ness didn't affect your temper!

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