Bloguary #29

Countdown ; I still have 2 days to go for Bloguary and it's kinda sad though. 'Cause I really enjoy writing everyday, even though I don't actually really have a proper subject. So today I'm just continuing living my life as a sow bug. A very smart one right now, 'cause I have been learning for the past days. This time I did so well with my planner I'm not even stressed out! Normally I am a disaster with these kind of test-weeks but right now I'm just chilling out, knowing that I spent enough time learning. The only problem I still have right now and of which I'm kinda stressed about is math. But my dad is back from Austria and tonight he's going to help me with it so I hope that that will work out just as my other stuff did. Should I write about something usefull? Maybe that's a good time killer, also, 'cause I'm kinda hungry so I hope killing some time before dinner and I secretly just avoiding my school work. By the way, I have this new addiction which is very bad, but it's Stimorol Senses gum. Just the pepermint flavour. But, it's bad, 'cause too much gum is bad for your body. I just háve to stup chewing it but if I get hungry I always grab a piece of gum to prevent snacking. I have to find a mid-way, like, chewing gum once a day and not 3453492876304 times a day.

Allright so I just spent 10 minutes thinking about what I should write and I just can't come up with something. Maybe I'll just write about what I will be up to in February. Bloguary has been fun so far, but it also was kinda hard 'cause writing about nothing and that every single day isn't that fashionable. This blog still is a beauty fashion and lifestyle blog right? Well no, actually it's not but in advance I wanted it to be. I just discovered myself not being that fashionable and not being all about make up. I have wanted to buy a nude lipstick and try it out for SO long but I just can't find the courage to even buy something like that. Can you even imagine me WEARING it? I don't know I just haven't found the courage yet to wear things which are different and stuff. My style did change though, I wear more 'girly' things. Two years ago me and my baggy jeans were insperable. Right now I don't even wear simple skinny jeans that often anymore. I have this new love called ; tights. I don't know I just feel more comfortable in tight right now. Same thing with long sleeves and wide, boxy shirts and sweaters. You won't ever ever see me in tight tops or short sleeves. I know summer and spring are coming up so I kinda have to get over it but I just procrastinate those thoughts.

Oh oh something just popped into my head. A very very very long time ago I promised to make recipe-posts. Not that I cook that much but I'm kinda thinking about doing it more often. What I do want to have is a good camera for that, making pictures from food with a bad quality camera (which mine isn't, he just doesn't want to make good pictures with artifical light) looks a bit grose.
So, what about that? What about doing more fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogging in February? About recipe's and maybe I can finally find the courage to go out and buy a lipstick and WEAR it? Don't worry it won't be red or orange I will keep it nude pink-ish-y (yeah I just made that word up).

My fingers are getting a bit tired. And because the rest of my body already was (I just came back from my little bike tour of an hour) I guess it will be a good thing to lie down on my bed for a bit just watching tv or maybe cath a little sleep.

I will talk to you guys soon. Which is tomorrow. Already. Yeah.

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