Bloguary #3

I'm still alive! Seriously!
Guys, you don't have any idea what the weather was like today. You all know I went to 'Den Haag' and it was so windy and it was just raining at all times and we almost got blew away or something. My hair has never looked that bad it did when I was shopping today. And yes, we shopped till we dropped! I've used my total amount of birthdaymoney at my (new) favorite stooooore ; Lush! Yes yes, I will be smelling amazing the upcoming months. Anyways, the Lush products I've bought are still in their packages and I actually wanted to sort of 'haul' them in a Vlog, but because I never vlogged before and I'm a bit insecure about doing that, I wanted to wait. So, sorry guys, you will have to wait, I hope you don't mind. I can give you some information about the products ; it all are bathbalms and bubble bars. Except for one product, which is a shower gel called 'Glögg'. The rest I will show you as soon as possible. So my friend and I took the train, which went well, which (I use that word a lot) is a miracle 'cause I'm a disaster with the whole train-system. Luckily my friend is a hero. First we spend like, an hour at Lush? After that we just went nosing about (that really is an English saying. I means 'rondneuzen'. If it's not correct, blame Google translate). We both bought a few things, I also bought two simple t-shirts at H&M and a baseball vest/jacket/thing at a store called 'the Sting'. Oh oh oh, and I do not have to forget my huge scentred candle. It's apple cinnemon, mjam. We also ate a lovely chicked sandwhich thing, it was delicious and it even was diet-appropriate, which made us enjoy it even more I guess, we're just girly girls. So I made pictures throughout the day, which all came out to be horrible quality but I'll still upload them 'cause it's just for you guys to follow me around in my life right? I was planning on writing a major blogpost about this day and about all the stuff I bought but I actually am not, I just don't feel like blogging right now.. don't know why.
So, my plans tomorrow are nothing, nothing, nothing and nothing. Oh and don't forget nothing! So, I might make that Vlog I'm so bravely talking about.. Let's see if I will really do that. I can't promise you guys this cause I might be too insecure. When I am, I'm going to make pictures I promise!
Oh and I have a song again that kinda matches my mood, so if you want to know what I'm listening to ; click!. I love her, she's just the best in my opinion. So, the pictures are on my alptop right now so here they comeeee.

I have to guys, 'see' you tomorrow and have fun with living your life please!

My blog on an iMac, I can only dream of this thing being mine 

My friend (1/3 of her) and her 'cup of tea' at Starbucks (I didn't order anything 'cause firstly, I didn't have some cash money left and secondly, I just knew that I would have to go to the toilet after drinking such a huge cup of tea I just didn't take it 'cause we had to wait on the train for half an hour and in the train aren't any toilets and yes I will spare you guys this story now).

Me acting crazy in the fitting room thing. This is one of the shirts I bought, the other one is exactly the same but it has bigger stripes and just blue and white. I know this picture isn't very charming and I know that I'm showing you my weird face but yeah, I thought ; why not?! You guys already know I don't make sense at all.

This is what our tasty and delicious lunch looked like. The colours are very grey-ish but I did that because otherswise the picture was a bit blurry.

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  1. Klinkt superleuk allemaal! Ik krijg meteen zin om te shoppen :)
    Ik vind t trouwens echt leuk dat je nu zoveel met je blog bezig bent & ik ben benieuwd naar je shoplog :)