Bloguary #30

This is one my most favorite sounds ; the oven getting ready and warmed up to make some bread. I am so hungry, I've been up sinds 9 o'clock and I only ate one little bowl of yoghurt with some Special-K cornflakes. After that I worked out on the crosstrainer for half an hour and right now my belly is making wonderful music. So, I will have to life for school in like, less than an hour but I eat like an elephant so that won't really be a problem for me.
I have some a-ma-zing news. I love to ski. Yes I do. When I stood on ski's for the first time I just turned 4 years old. So, I've been skiing my whole life, but past year my mom hurt her knee so we didn't go. This year, my mom went with friends, my dad went with friends, and I did not went with friends ofcourse. I was really sad 'cause I'd loved to go, but  in that week when I'm free from school, my dad has to go to London for work so I just wasn't going to work out. But now I'm going with my mom! To France! I'm looking forward to it like crazy! Just, going away, fresh air and just doing what I like. I really need to go away just to clean my thoughts and stuff. And what else is better than going on a trip with your best friend right? My mom is, yeah, confession. So, I won't tell you guys where we are going 'cause that's kinda weird, you'll never know who reads this and stuff. Luckily we have neighbours to watch the house so be prepared if you're planning on breaking in or something. Oh I hear the beep-beep-beep ; my baguettes are almost done! So, because I lost weight, I don't fit in my ski-pants-thing anymore. It's too big, yeah. And my jacket it a little bit too childish. I did like it when I bought it 2 years ago but it's just like, white with black and grey kinda stripes and it's just so boyish and sporty. I'd love to have a more sophisticated jacket. Maybe just a black, feminine one. I don't know, it's sale right now according to my mom so we'll go shopping for warm clothes soon. I will be leaving in two weeks. Just TWO weeks?! I just can't believe it yet. So, in a few hours, one and 20 minutes to be exact, I will be sitting behind my school table making a test about Dutch Renaissancistic -is that a word?- literature. Yes, I know, fabulous right? So my outfit is very casual today ; my hair is just hanging, chilling out and being curly. I have my signature black bow clips. I'm wearing my favorite skinny jeans and a kind of knitted, cream pinkish couloured sweater which is very boxy and wide 'cause you guys know I don't like tight stuff. I don't have any make-up on except for some powder and blush. Oh and my honey-milk lip conditioner Labello stuff, which smells amazing and makes me feel so happy. It so cold outside by the way, it's like freezing. They said it would be snowing today, but that didn't happen yet but we'll see. So, that what I look like and what I will be up to this day and in two weeks! 
Right now I'm going to eat my lunch and grab a banana and my water bottle and go to school.

See you guys tomorrow, which is the last day of Bloguary! 

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