Bloguary #31

Dum dum dum.. Yes, it's already the last day of January, which means ; bye bye to Bloguary! I enjoyed blogging everyday but I guess it's a good thing that this is the end. The posts were getting kinda similar and I just don't have that much to talk about to you guys.
I'm planning on doing more fashion and lifestyle related posts for the upcoming months so I hope you guys will still want to read my blog! I always get such a huge smile on my face when I see that like, 5 more people took a look at my blog. I don't mind if someone actually really reads what I'm saying. Well, I prefer having everyone really read stuff but just visiting is enough to make me smile like crazy. So just to give you guys a little life update ; my tests are going pretty well. Today I had to make this French reading test, which actually kinda failed 'cause I didn't even understand what they were saying, but I just hope the grade won't be too bad at all. So, tomorrow I have this big history test and an English test. I have to write a formal letter in English, which may seem easy but it's actually not. I hope it will just work out and turn out to be all fine.
So, in a few minutes I'm going to have my favorite dinner of all time ; sour crout. I guess, there isn't really like an English name for it, but anyways, it's SO delicious I can't actually wait.

Thank you guys, again, so much for reading my blog.
I loved doing Bloguary and if you guys have ideas what I should be doing
for a next month-special, like, in March or something, please let me know!
I'm gonna miss talking to you though!

Much love and good luck if you also have tests this week!

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