Bloguary #5

Good evening lovely people out there surfin'on the internet!
I just placed my scented candle called 'sugar and spice' right under my nose, no I'm burning roght now. No I'm not, it's just warm and smelling great. Anyways, this was a nothing-day. I haven't even been out of the house! This day was like the most useless day of my whole two weeks of vacation. I just took 2 baths, I didn't even went on the crosstrainer that long. And yes I have to admit, today was a bad day with the dieting-process. I feel like one chubby ball but that's total nonsense ofcourse.. yeah.. So, talking about nonsense ; because of this day, I'm totally out of ideas to talk about! Tomorrow will be much better 'cause a friend is coming over and we're gonna cook together and stuff, it will be fun. By the way, I just found out that I al-ways cook with my friends. Not because I don't have something else to do. It is a good 'time-killer' though, 'cause otherwise I would just chill out and chat and stuff but yeah, I guess I just like cooking. But only when I don't have to do it alone.  I was watching something on Nickelodeon (yes I'm still a17-year-old girl, I haven't been lying about that to you guys). But, I was just 'zapping' and I watched 'Victorious' for a while and I noticed that I thought ; I wish I was Cat! If you guys know who I'm talking about I guess you're having a face like ; what?! seriously?! But, I just do, she's funny and I LOVE her hair (it's like, red) and even though she's stupid and a drama queen, she just makes me laugh and I wish I could be like her. Just laughing and thinking everything is funny and lovely and amazing. My life would be SO different! Most of all I guess I'm just jealous 'cause she's a beautiful girl. I think its just that. But yeah I'm me so I guess I have to make the best out of myself, right? Tomorrow morning I think I will have to push myself out of bed and drag my legs outside 'cause I just have to go for a walk. I just have to! I want to go outside! But, today there was a big storm thing going on here and it was raining all day and I just didn't have the motivation and courage to go for a walk. But tomorrow I will go, I promise this to myself right now, right here. Well, for this evening I think it's just going to be me, my bear, my candle and my bed. Oh and my laptop 'cause I love browsing around and watch for other blogs and just wathing vlog's on Youtube and stuff, I'm such an internet junky. Is that a weird name? Well, let's keep it this way ; I just love the internet. I guess my life would be a horrible and boring thing when internet would disappear. So my laptop is being stupid so I guess I have to restart it or something, but I promise you guys ; tomorrow I'll make pictures ├ánd my post will be much more interesting to read!

For now ; good bye, sleep well, see you tomorrow!

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