Bloguary #6

Hi guys!
Did you get some sleep tonight? 'Cause, I didn't. I wanted to sleep early, but I just couldn'sleep! So I went searching on the internet to get some tips on how to sleep well and stuff. So, here they come (in my own words).

1. Firstly, don't use any electronic device like an iPad or a laptop before you're planning to go to sleep. You have to give your body a sign that the day is over (sort off). So, what you want to do is ;  take a warm bath, grab your favorite book or drink a cup of tea and call a friend to chat about the day. You can actually choose anything to do, if it just isn't watching tv or surfing on the internet.

2. Secondly, when you're having thoughts and they won't go out of your head, take a little notebook and put it next to or under your bed. When you're lying in bed and you start thinking about negative struff or things you are stressed out about, maybe a test or something, write it down. When you write things down, you literally put something out of your head and on paper. Imagine you've just 'replaced' the thought and tomorrow you can come up with solutions for that problems and stuff.

3. What also tends to help, is spraying some lavender on your pillow. I don't know many stores in Holland (maybe 'de Tuinen') who sell little scented bottles things (don't know what to call them) but you can also make some of that stuff yourself but taking a (clean!) sock and stuffing that with fresh lavender out of your garden or a friend's garden or something. You can just rub the sock over your pillow so that your whole pillow smells like lavender. Lavender is known by it's relaxing 'power'. You can also take a shower or a bath and wash yourself with a lavender scented body wash. I think the whole lavender-thing is clear now, right?

4. What I used to do when I was little, is taking a glass of milk and putting it in the microwave. It might sound stupid to you guys, but drinking warm milk relaxes the inside of your body and it helps you to relax. You can drink tea also, but some sorts of tea, I don't exactly know which ones, give you more energy, so I would go for the warm milk. It's not that bad, trust me.

5. Another tip is to meditate. I don't actually do that, I always do sit-ups before I jump into bed, which is a total don't 'cause it pumps up your budy with adrenaline and that's stupid 'cause that's what we're trying to avoid here. So, it only takes five minutes. Go and sit on your bed. It doens't really matter how you sit but you have to have a straight back though, 'cause that's important for in- and exhaling. Just inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Concentrate on the air floating around in your body. When your mind starts thinking about negative things, try to focus on your breathing again. After five minutes (just set a timer) your heart will be slowed down and you're ready to fall asleep. Well, that's what I read, I never tried I myself but I promise I will tonight.

6. This is something I learnd from my mom. Just lie on your back with your whole body stretched out. Begin with concentrating on your toes. Completely relax them and try to feel how tired your feet are from dragging you everywhere the past day. Try to make them as  heavy as you can ('cause that's how your body relaxes) and go on with your legs and belly etc. I once did this and I didn't even reach my head 'cause I was asleep already. I hope this helps for you!

7. Count! Couting sheeps may be stupid to you but maybe you can count actual stuff in your head. All of your favorite books, all of your favorite songs you can remember, all of your nailpolishes, something. Counting sets your mind of and makes you forget the negative things.

8. Last but not least, take your iPod or just your Mp3 player and search your favorite song. A calm and slow one, ofcourse. Close your eyes and try to listen to the text. After you listened to the song, an instant happy-feeling should have filled your head and you can fall to sleep easier. That's what I've been told though.

These 'tips' might not work for you, but maybe they do! Maybe I just saved your upcoming nights!
I know it's the seventh today, so I will blog again tonight.
Yesterday was lovely by the way, my friend came and we made quiche. It was so much fun and it's was SO delicious. Oh and news flash ; I'm addicted to 2 games on my phone called 'Tiny Tower' and 'Farm Story'. I will do a complete post on them soon!

Bye guys, thanks for reading again and ; sleep well and sweet dreams (in a few hours)

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  1. heel handig stel! ik kan namelijk (bijna) nooit slapen! het is zo frustrerend!
    het is echt leuk dat je nu elke dag wat plaatst (: