Bloguary #7

There I am again guuuuys! I just wondered, do you mind if I say guys all the time? 'Cause I know most of you are girls? Anyways, it's not really meant like 'boys' it's more like ; hello everyone. Yeah I just wanted to throw that out there. So here I am, smelling like fish 'cause I just ate that. I love it! We don't eat fish that often 'cause my dad doens't like it, but he is out for dinner with some friends or something so my mom and I decided to eat fish! Do you guys like fish? I don't like all the fish-kinds, just this one actually, which is just white fish with patatoes and carrots. Anyways, enough about fish.
So today wasn't a very special day, I just walked around in the house, did my school work and watched Gossip Girl. That what weekends are for, right? I wanted to make pictures of myself and my oufit ('cause even though I spent the whole day inside my house, I did dress up nicely just to feel better) but they looked awfull so I won't upload them, I'm sorry. I'm still not very comfortable with putting myself on pictures to show you what I look like and stuff, even though most of you know me in person and see me everyday. Oh, I just got bleeped (messaged) by my best friend who lives 5 minutes away that she can use some company! So, here calls my best-friend-duty, I have to brush my teeht, put on something much warmer than this and go!
I'm sorry! Longer post tomorrow!

Love you guys, have a great weekend!

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