Bloguary #8

Hi guys, there I am to bore you again!
For today, I don't have much to tell you guys. It's just like, I've ran out of inspiration and I just don't know what to say. I can tell you my planning? Yeah I'm gonna do that. So it's 14.42 right now at this very moment, so more than 50% of what I had planned today I already did, so it's not really a planning anymore right? Anyways, this morning I had breakfast, after that I went on the crosstrainer like I do every single day. After that I learned for 1,5 hours and took a shower. After my lovely, warm shower which I'm obviously addicted to, I went out for 1,5 hours to go and make a little bike-trip with my dad. I wanted to get some excercise and some fresh air and he just like to jump on his bike so that's what we did! I liked it, 'cause I don't spend that much time with my dad since I'm in highschool and stuff. I used to go to the animal zoo with him like, every weekend when I was little. And we would go to the cinema and to all different places and I could bring my little friends and stuff. But since I'm in high school and I'm kinda fully 'raised' it seems like I always need my mom the most. To talk to and stuff, she's like my best friend but I should and may not forget my dad ofcourse! I'm not, believe me, it's not like that but I just had fun today spending some 'quality time' with him. And now comes the most special part of this day. So, I don't really 'believe', like, in the religion way. I do believe in God but I don't know, I just don't think about it that much. I go to a Christain school and we before school starts we talk about stuff in class but that's it. So, I do want to believe though, 'cause I think it's kinda special right? So, I'm going to church today. Not because I just thought yeah let's just go to church once, but because this amazing friend of mine is playing guitar with a group and stuff, I don't really know what to call it but he asked me to come and even though I was in two minds about it, I chose to go and actually, I'm looking forward to see him play and to experience the chruch-thing. I have SO many friends who go to the church on sunday's and I actually almost feel guilty that I don't go! So I'm happy to go, maybe I will go more often after this time, we'll see.
So, my mom made me soup and it's ready now so I guess I have to go eat my soup. I love soup. It's chicken soup, home made. Oh yeah by the way, tomorrow is the day.. school starts again! I'm kinda looking forward to the 'structure' school brings in my life, but I hate the fact that I have to make homework and leave my lovely bed so early in the morning! I hope I will still have time to blog everyday but I'm gonna make it work, I promise!

Bye guys, I'll talk to you soon again!

This picture is just from we heart it, but I wanted to make this post look nicer and more fashionable!

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