Bloguary #9

Hello lovely people!
Seriously, I am SO happy today! I know it's like monday after winter break and stuff, but I just am! I have to learn and make homework like crazy but nothing can stop me from smiling today! I wanted to post something more usefull for you guys today, so I'm going to make up a subject which is fun to read. Let me think. I guess that will take a while. Oh yeah my mom calls me to come and help with making salad for dinner, so that's the perfect time to think about it! See you in a few minutes guess, even though you won't know it were that many minutes. You will just read on (is that correct?) right? Anyways, I'm leaving right NOW. Yes I'm back, and I totally know what to blog about. So, last time I did a themed post, it was about falling asleep easier. So, now I wanted to give you guys some tips to get up and be happy and feeling fresh and stuff! I hope you guys find this interesting! I love to browse around about these things and make tips up myself. Here they come!

1. The first thing you hear when you have to go out of bed in the morning is your alarm-tune. Make sure this is something you like to listen to. Mine is just a beep, but I make sure to change the beep every month, so that it won't freak me out. For me, a beep is better 'cause when there's music, I just fall asleep again while I'm listening. It's not really a 'go out of bed now-sign' to me. The best thing to do is just make sure the first thing you hear is something that makes you happy. Or just not grumpy.

2. Secondly, it's important to go straight to the toilet and after that, drink a glass of water. This will make sure that your metabolism functions best.

3. If waking up isn't your talent, make sure you have something to go downstairs for. I always am hungry in the morning, so I always go downstairs straight away to eat my lovely bowl of cereal.

4. When you have time to do it ; take a little time to do a work-out or some stretch-excercises. Doing this makes sure your body is awake and 'fresh'.

5. My advice ; always take a shower. Even if it's just for 2 minutes. It's such a refreshing thing to do, you feel way more clean and awake, it's just nice. When you have a little more time then 2 minutes, you can take your laptop or little speakers and turn up the volume of your favorite song which instantly makes you happy. And if you want to ; dance!

6. What I like to do (at all times, but especially in the morning) is talk to myself. Just about what you're going to wear and why and while you're doing your make-up you can set a goal for yourself, maybe to talk to your crush that day or helping your best friend with her math homework. When you make up a little goal, it wil automatically brighten up your day when you reach it! What I also like to do is to send a little text, just a heart or a sweet sentence, just so the people you love (your dad who has already left for work, your boy/girlfriend, your friends or even your grandmother) wakes up and reads it. It's just a sweet little gesture, it will instantly make their days and with that, it will make yours better too!

7. Last thing before you jump on your bike or walk to the train-bus-underground-whatever, give your parents a kiss and wish them a great day. The smiles that will appear on their faces are an instant happy-maker. And eventhough your cat or dog can't smile, don't forget them!

So, this might be totally useless but I just enjoyed making these things up to make your days maybe a little bit better?

I hope you all survived this day and I will talk to you guys soon!
Much love and hugs,

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