This is a little sneak-in blogpost, between all the Bloguaries.
I just wanted to know what you guys think of the sort of new lay-out!
I think it's a little more fun, the other one maybe was a bit too clean.
I like things to be white and clean, like, I didn't want to use many colours and pictures and stuff.
But this is a bit more fun, right?
Anyways, let me know!
Have a great evening lovely readers.

1 opmerking:

  1. Like it! Even wennen dat het 'menu' zeg maar ineens aan de andere kant staat, maar dat komt wel goeeed.

    Ik las trouwens net je 'blabla in dutch' post! Leuk dat je die ook weer eens update. Ik hoop stiekem ook nog op je lush shoplog & meer 'my life in pictures'! :D