Trend alert - pastel coloured jeans

What I've read 2 secondes ago is just amazing! 
This summer, pastel colours are totally 'in'.
I don't know if it's faith but this weekend I went shopping with my mom and my eye fell on a light pink coloured skinny jeans and I loved it so much! Unfortunately, I didn't have the courage to buy it cause 1) it's pink 2) it was kinda tight and you guys know, I hate tight. But now I've seen this trend popping up I think it's okay when I buy those kind of colours! So, let me just upload my most liked colours (I checked Polyvore) and let me know which one you like best?


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  1. Woehoee twee blogposts vandaag, dat is leuk! Die broeken zien er wel sexy uit trouwens, maar waar combineer je dat mee? Lastig...