Meet the new me! Guys, I am getting obsessed. I am so into food lately. I love watching cooking and recipe programmes and things on Youtube about American girls showing what they bought at the grocery store and just how they stay fit and make healthy snacks to bring to school and stuff. It's like, my new chocolate. I don't eat chocolate or other candy anymore as some of you may know. To stay in shape and just because I tend to get a bad feeling after eating that. Not real physical bad feeling but a mental one. Anyways, I am just being crazy about food lately. I went to the grocery store myself to buy dry apricots, walnuts -unsalted, so like the 'raw' ones straight out of nature- and lemon juice to put into my water to make my metabolism work faster. I just want to go on and on about food and I am looking forward to having a few 'free' days like crazy so that I can cook recipes and make healthy dinners for my mom and dad and my lovely girlfriends. This summer I'm planning on organizing a day where I'm going to cook for my best friends. It was an idea from one of them and I just simply love her -I already did ofcourse- for coming up with this lovely idea.
Today I just wanted to share my finds on the internet and stuff. My little knowledge I have about food. Because I'm not even close to knowing a lot and knowing what's good and what's bad, but I did some reasearch just for fun and I wanted to share that with you guys.

So, this post is about superfood. Yes, it excists. And you're thinking right now ; yes, duh, fruit en vetgetables right? Well, yes actually. But there are so many things to incorporate those things with and just, yeah well read the following little stories if you're interested!

Fat fish
Yes, pick a fish who eat a lot. No ofcourse not. When I'm talking about a 'fat' fish, I mean the ones that contain a lot of fat. And not the fat in like chocolate and pizza, but the good kind. Eating fish is important, and I'm so sad that I don't eat fish at all. Maybe like once in 2 months or so? That's because my father doesn't like it. I will be trying to incorporate fish more in my diët this summer. I'm going to Aruba, which is the best island to eat fish. I'm already looking forward to it.
If you don't like fish, no problem. There are, by the way, many ways to reduce the fish-taste. When you don't like tuna on a sandwhich, try to make it taste different by adding some creme freche, honey and some salt and pepper et voilá, it won't even taste like fish anymore!

In my house we literally have to stuck up on apples. I eat two a day, sometimes even 3. My mom loves them too and brings them to work and my dad tends to eat them a little less often but he also likes them. An apple is the most perfect fruit to bring to school, because you can just throw it in your bag without worrying about having to 'prepare' it and make it ready to eat. It's already 'eatable' just like the way it fell from the tree. If you're getting bored of your simple apple, you can do some fun stuff with it. Add it to a salad to freshen it up, incorporate it to your daily breakfast by eating a bowl of yoghurt with apple (which I eat as a dessert every day). If you want a more sweet dessert, slice the apple and put sugar and cinnamon over it. You can even add a little cacao powder. Yummie!

If you're just like me and you're interested in food, you might know that eating bananas is a total no go in some diets, because a banana contains a lot of energy, which means a lot of calories. But there aren't any bad calories. Never eat more than one banana a day. Well, you can but I would recommend eating 3 different pieces of fruit. Anyways, back to your yellow friend ; bananas contain a lot of protein. That's why a banana can give you a lot of energy before or after a workout or just a little 'pick me up' snack throughout the day. A fun way to incorporate banana to your daily meals? Take a slice of bread, throw it into the toaster, take your favorite brand of peanut butter and on top of that ; spread out the pieces of sliced banana. You can add some cinnamon or sugar if you want, but I won't recommend it 'cause the banana en peanutbutter already are a bit higher in calories than like a normal slice of bread with chicken filet or something. Promise me, peanut butter and banana together may sound like an alien thing to do, but it's a great combination. What I like a lot it taking a bowl of yoghurt, adding a banana and a little tiny tea spoon of honey and some walnuts. Healthy and a lovely combination.

Brocolli and beans
In these kind of vetgetables -the green ones in particular- you can find a lot of 'iron'? I don't know, in Dutch 'ijzer' is an important substance in food to give you more energy and make your blood circulation work better and your muscles 'feel' stronger. I don't know if you guys from overseas call it iron but yeah, let's just call it that way for now untill I learn the actual word.
Another tip ; when you or your mom/dad/sister/brother/grandma/dog is cooking these vetgetables, make sure you/they don't boil them too long. Boiling your vetgetables too long can make them too soft and the vergetables will lose more than 60% of their nutrients and vitamins, which is a total loss right? For me, brocolli and beans just are dinnerfoods. I think chewing on raw beans isn't that great to snack on.

Whole grain bread
I know I know, most people think white bread just tastes better. And secretly, I think so too. But whole grain bread is just so. much. better. I can't even explain how much better it is. First of all, white bread is like sugar. Your body recognizes white bread as being sugar and will store it into the 'fat section'. Hello chubbyness! That what most people are trying to avoid right? Whole grain bread is more nutritious and it will leave your stomach feeling 'full' earlier, so gone with the stomach growls in class. You can make whole grain bread a lot more tasty by toasting it and adding -healthy and low fat- sweet stuff. For example ; apple syrup, low fat jelly or cream cheese with tomatoe -I know that's not sweet but it's still very tasty and yummie!-

And ofcourse here comes our hero. Tea doesn't only warm you up and makes you feel cosy, it's very healthy. Especially the white and green tea types. Tea provides your body of substances which will prevent heart diseases and that kind of stuff. And let's face it ; it also is a very good subtitution for water if you don't like to drink just simple, plain water.

Ofcourse there are a lot more superfoods in the world, but I just added the most common ones. The ones I thought most of you guys would have in your cabinets or refrigerators.
I know this was a very very very long and maybe boring post, but let me know what you think!

Have a healthy week guys, I will see you guys soon.
Much love and many hugs,

Time killer

Lovely readers.
I just finished my dinner and I want to go on my favorite work out machine, but it's not good for my body to go imediately after my dinner so I thought ; I'm going to write a little blogpost and after that I will jump on the eliptical -which I believe it's called in English-.
So, I don't actually have many things to tell you guys. The past days I just enjoyed seeing my friends again and organized my schoolstuff by making a planning -which hasn't worked yet 'cause my motivation for school has taken the week of I guess-.
I'm listening to a singer right now, to her songs, and they just remind me of my trip in the bus last week 'cause I had just downloaded the music and I listened to the songs for the first time when I was just 'chilling out' in the bus. So, curious already? She's called Gabrielle Aplin and she sings acoustic songs mostly, and she has a pretty 'high' voice so I guess the songs are too difficult for me to sing but yeah, I do sing along actually. But I tend to always do that so yeah.
By the way, exciting news! You guys know -or not- that I take like, musicallessons. And every end of the year we do like this musical, and this time our teacher wrote her own. It's kinda childish but it's fun though! And guess what, I sort of got the biggest part? I know, I'm still figuering out why too. But, I hope I'm going to make it work and prove that she chose well I guess. I hope so. I'm very excited.
So, before I don't have enough time left tonight I'm going to have a date with my most lovely machine in the world. Wanna know about my outfit? A shirt and a vest, in which I always launch around in and stuff. But these items will be changed into my crosstrain-shirt in a few seconds. Believe me, it's like the most high fashioned outfit e-ver.

Bye guys, thanks for reading again! It still means a lot to me even though I don't even know who I'm talking to right now at this very moment.


Quick overview of my trip to France

Yes lovely readers, I'm still alive! I had an amazing time in France with my mom. Some keywords ; sun, snow, yummie food, skiing, chilling out, relaxing, laughing and gossiping with my mom.
It was just the one thing I needed the most. To go away, don't have internet for a week and just lock myself out for a while. It really helped me see things 'clear' again so I feel a lot better right now. Expect for the kilo's I gained. I hate the fact that I wasn't able to go on the eliptical/crosstrainer and although I didn't eat that much bad stuff, it just felt wrong and right now I began trying to lose weight again so let's hope the extra pounds will come of soon. So, anyways, I am dealing with this massive crazy painfull headache right now so a big post won't really work right now but I still just wanted to give you guys a sign of life kind of thing. Also, I made some pictures which I wanted to share. It are just nature-environment-mountain-ski-pictures. I also have some pictures from myself and my mom but they're kinda, like.. Yeah well let's just say I don't look that great with a helmet on. So, here they are and I will talk to you guys soon.

I hope you all had an amazing week, like I did!
Much love,

Quick share of awesomeness

The water is dripping out of my mouth and my eyes start looking like hearts when I see these things. I seriously would trade my whole closet for these pieces of clothing. Maybe. I guess.
What do like about it? And what not?


Chocolate chip cookie time!


So, I didn't end up baking a brownie, because I thought cookies would be easier to keep in a box so that my parents don't have to eat the whole thing. After school I went straight to the grocery store to buy the baking stuff and a little cat treat for my little friend Puck. I think it were like salmon treats and she ate them right away!  So, when I came home I began. At first everything went great, but then I realised the dough was a bit 'dry'. So, I added some milk. That was the most stupid thing to do, 'cause the dough ended up sticking like crazy and seriously, I couldn't even make a little ball from the dough. So I laughed out loud 'cause I'm such a loser. Anyways, after all I made them, decorated them with chocolate chips and stuck them in the oven. They ended up being delicious -according to my mom-. My mom has already seen (and ate) them and got a very big smile on her face and gave me a huge kiss. It makes me so happy to make someone smile. Even though I don't have a 'Valentine' this might even be better. I can't wait to see my dads face.
I hope you all had a lovely day and spent it with people you love the most.
Me and my mom are going to cook dinner in a few minutes.

By the way! I also bought something new today, a chapstick from the brand 'Labello' called Vitamin Shake. It's pink a colourfull and it even has SPF 15, which will be great for my trip to France next week. I will write a little kind of review on it soon.

Much love,

The 'M' is for mama, which is mom in Dutch.
The 'P' is for papa, which is dad in Dutch.
The other things are just like stupid ugly things, but keep in mind the dough was sticky like glue, and it's all about the smiles!


I seriously can't stop thinking about that jeans I tried on a few weeks ago. The pinkish one, remember? Anyways, I keep thinking about it and I'm so so so sad I didn't buy it. But, now I have time to make up outfits in my mind or on Polyvore just to make sure I have things in my closet to go with the jeans. 'Cause one thing I hear a lot is 'what to wear with a coloured jeans?'. I would keep it clean. Just wear basic coloured tops like white, black, grey or nude. You can go with the colour blocking trend, but that's too obvious for me to wear, I don't like walking around like a spring flower or a tropical bird or something. So what I did is this ; I made this outfit thing on Polyvore. Just a little, quick thing to put my thoughts on 'paper' on what I would wear with a coloured jeans. I, by the way, went for a weird, non-expected nailpolish colour because I love to do that. Just spice up your average outfit by thinking out of the box with nailpolish is something I can't get enough of. So, as far as my life goes ; normal boringness. So, I don't really have anything to tell you guys right now! Except for the fact that I'm going downstairs in a few minutes and make myself this delicious bowl of yoghurt and apple. 'Cause that's my favorite desert. And guess what ; totally healthy!

I hope you guys have a lovely day tomorrow. Spread the love!

Random talking

I've been thinking, and thinking, and thinking and obviously I'm still thinking. I wanted to blog about something, I miss talking to 'you' and just sitting behind my laptop doing this, but I just don't know what to talk about. My life is so normal lately, just sleeping eating working out cooking going to school making homework and taking baths (obviously that is placed in the wrong order, yeah).
So, today I just thought 'why not just talk about things that pop up in my head.' So here I am, sitting behind my desk with my pyjamas on, my hair forced into a top knot and my nails just painted with a gorgeous reddish purple colour. I just finished reading my Cosmopolitan. I just love magazines lately, I've been wanting to kinda stock them up for my trip to France next week but I just can't resist reading them already. There are so many style and beauty tips for spring already but the snow keeps falling over here. At first I liked it, but right now it's kinda getting me depressed. Like, my face is totally dry, my hands are too and let's just don't talk about what my lips look like. Luckily I have my chapstick thing which smells like honey and milk (it smells more like honey, fortunately). Today I went to some huge store called 'Daka'. It's a store where they sell stuff for like every sorts of sport. So, because I'm going on a ski trip next week I bought a new jacket, 'cause my old one is just a bit childish and it was too small when I tried it on a few days ago. My new one is lovely, it's just dark green. Like, army green. I love army green, it's the colour of my eyes so that makes me look more awake and stuff. And I got such an ugly fleece sweater. Seriously, like, why would I buy something that is ugly right? Well, it's so ugly that its cute. It's from Napapiri. It's more like something for my mom to wear, but it's SO incredibly soft and warm and I just love it. It has several colours like a beige brown and a dark red and  an almost black greyish colour and it feels and looks like a teddy bear. And the flag from, I believe, Norway is on the back. That's their brand-thing, even though the brand is Italien but yeah, never mind. So, nothing more to tell I guess? Are you guys excited for Valentines day already? I kinda am, 'cause I'm just hoping I have enough time to get my brownie ready before my mom and dad come home from work. I'm thinking about not doing it though 'cause I don't even know if my parents like brownie? I believe my dad does, but he's never ever going to eat the whole thing. And I don't want to have to throw it away, that's just stupid. So, I don't know, we'll see.

You'll hear from me soon, I'll do a more usefull and fun post this week, promise!
I hope you all have a great, love-full Valentines day!
Much love and good night,


I have once heard about this amazing DIY -do it yourself- face treatment, which can be done by e-ve-ry single one of you guys! In Holland, it's being so cold lately. Your skin, especially your hands and face, can start to feel dry and painful. The first thing on our minds will be 'my body and face need  a thick, hydrating cream'. But, first, it's important to exfoliate. Most of the exfoliante body and face scrubs are kinda rough on you. Especially for our face it's important to have something natural with a subtle 'grain'.

So, what's more natural than using coffee? No no no, don't be silly and pour a whole cup of hot coffee over your face and body, listen first. You know what 'used' coffee beans look like right? Kind of soil-ish. So, you need to have one or two tablespoons of that. How many tablespoons you want to use depends on on which part on your body you will going to use it. I will focus on just the face right now. 

So, take one tablespoon of this soil-ish looking substance and put it in a small bowl. Add some honey and 2/3 tablespoons of plain yoghurt. Mix those two up very well and put your creation in the refrigerator for 5 to ten minutes. If you're still wearing make-up, take everything of and start rubbing your self-made coffee mask onto your skin. If you notice you've used too much yoghurt -because your mask is smoothly gliding of your face- add some more coffee to make it thicker. Avoid the eye area. Avoiding your lips doesn't really matter. I don't think the stuff will taste good, but it obviously is eatable so you won't get any artifical stuff inside your body or something.

So, if your face is fully covered, start making circular motions. This will 1. exfoliate your skin and take of all the dead skin cells and 2. remove all the dirt you have on your face. After that you can choose to rinse it of with lukewarm water or you can let it sit for 5 more minutes and then rinse it of. Your skin will glow, 'cause honey and yoghurt have that effect on your skin, but your skin can also feel a bit irritated, but that will only last like 5/10 minutes.

After rinsing all the stuff of your face, dry your face by patting on it with a towel. Very important is the patting part! After that, it's time to apply your favorite moisturizer/facecream and your totally done! Hello to a hydrated and glowing face!

Little side note ; you can also use the soil-looking coffee to exfoliate your lips, but be careful and very gentile because the skin on your lips is very thin and very easy to damage.

I hope this tip was usefull! I am going to try it out myself tonight so let me know if you guys tried it out!
Much love,

we heart it 

Valentines day

The most loved and most hated day of the year, right? I totally think that you should be loving everyday and that you should make your loved one(s) know you love them in every single way and not only on one day because you're supposed to? I don't know. I like Valentine's day though! It's so funny how some people can be totally nervous and it's that day when a nerdy, shy person finally gets the chance to secretely surprise the boy or girl he/she loves, even though it's just for one day. I don't know about you guys, but I think Valentine's day is what you make of it. I mean, when you're not having a relationship or something like that, that doesn't mean you have to cuddle up in your bed, lonely watching a movie or something, 'just because you aren't good or pretty enough to be in a relationship'. Yeah, bravely said from someone who actually does that. Anyways, this year I won't be doing that becaaaause I'm gonna surprise my parents. I know it sounds weird, and maybe it is, but I'm going to make a big, chocolate brownie for them in a heart shape and tell them that I love to be their daughter. Yeah pretty 'slimey' right? Hahaha I know. So, for you guys out there who don't want to be 'celebrating' the day of love alone, I have these little tips on what to do or with who.

Your best friend(s)
This Valentines day falls on a Tuesday I believe, which is for us students a pretty normal day. But, with a tiny bit of planning, you'll have plenty of time. Make an appointment with your best friend(s) a couple of days before Valentinesday, so that everyone can plan their homework and stuff around it.
Invite your friend(s) over to your house. Make sure you're home earlier (or just make them arrive an hour later than you're home yourself) and get ready. Tell your friend(s) to wear something warm, cosy and pink, red or white. This isn't neccesary but just for fun. So. First you're going to make some hot chocolate. Little tip ; add some Nutella chocolate stuff with hazelnut. That makes your hot chocolate even more tasty, trust me it's like a sip of heaven! Make your room smell nice by lighting a candle and pick a movie you two/three/four/etc. can watch together. Make sure it's a funny one. We're avoiding the crying on Valentines day right? So, if your BFF happens to have a boy/girlfriend, they can leave you before dinner and spend the evening with their boy/girlfriend, right? But, if that's not the point, then continue this plan. Make your friend(s) dinner! It doens't have to be difficult. Just make something you're familiar with and stuff. Don't forget your family, they have to eat to ofcourse.
So, after dinner, there are many things to choose from to do. But the day after you'll both have to go to school (or work maybe) so choose something with fits perfectly in the amount of time you girls have left together. Maybe watch old pictures, dance and jump around like crazy, have a good girlstalk night or just eat chocolate and put on facemasks. Anything will do ; just have fun!

Your family
Yes, the most of us (including me) will spend this evening just with our family. But why not make this Valentines day Family day? After dinner you can play a game together. Take some little bowls and fill them up with cookies, popcorn, M&M's and other yummie stuff. You can make a smoothie if you want to (my most loved combi ; strawberry banana yoghurt) but if that takes too much time, just mix some juice with yoghurt and add some sugar. Promise, tastes delicious. Let your little brother or sister (or big one, ofcourse) choose the game you're going to play and don't try to cheat because you want it to be over so that you won't miss your favorite TV show. This was now called Family day remember? Try to make the best of it.

Your pet
Well, yeah, this may sound kinda crazy, but when you have such a bond with your pet like I have, this will be the perfect evening-buddy for you! It doesn't matter if you have a cat, a dog, a fish, a bird, a bunny or a guinea pig. After school, go to the store and buy something special. For a dog it might be a bone, for a cat some special cat milk and treats, for a fish I totally have NO idea but there should be something? For a bird you can buy a new toy, I heard birds really like those things, and for your bunny or guinea pig little carrots or some special treats. Anyways, what I'm trying to say ; pamper your little friend. They deserve attention to, right? Maybe you can take your dog on a extra long walk or let your bunny/quinea pig run around in your room. I have a cat, as you guys might already know, called Puck. I think I'm going to buy her some cat milk and a special brush which she loves but we lost ours so I think I'm gonna get a new one.
Biggest advantage ; your pet doesn't matter when you're saying stupid things or look like crap. They just don't mind, which sometimes is just what we need.

When the above-things don't really like, get to you, I guess you're going to have to spend the Valentines day evening alone. But, that doesn't have to be a disaster right? There are plenty of things to do?! Like ; take a long bath and exfoliate, smear your whole body with your favorite smelling body butter, take some time to paint your nails (and some time to let them dry properly) and jump into bed early to watch a movie or read your favorite book. Instant happy maker ; before you go to bed, text all of your most special friend to tell them you hope they had a lovely day and wish them sweet dreams. I tend to feel great when I made other smile, so, yeah you should definitely try it! Another advantage of being lonely? More Ben&Jerry's for you, you and eh, you?!

Allright guys, I hope you'll all have a lovely Valentines day. We still have more than a week to go so make sure to prepare and plan your evening!

I wish you guys the best and a lot of love!

What to bring..

when you're going on a ski trip! So, this really suits me 'cause I will be going to France in two weeks and I'm so excited already. But, with this trip coming up I already start thinking about what to pack. With skiing it's always hard 'cause I look like a total penquin with my helmet on and stuff. How can I manage my hair after such a horrible disaster on my head?! Seriously, helmets are the worst for your hair. But, I'll still wear mine 'cause you'll never know what could happen if you don't wear it right?

So, are you going on a trip soon? Let me share my thoughts with you on what to bring. I'll make a list of 8 essentials, 'cause if I'd have to name e-ve-ry little thing you should bring I would just sit here typing for like 2 hours or so.

1. A warm coat, which is sporty but also kinda casual. You will need a warm coat ofcourse, but not just one. When you're going on a ski trip, I highly recommend buying or borrowing (from your cousin or aunt or a friend I don't know, someone who has your size) a coat especially for ski and snowboarding. Those jackets keep you warm and dry. Dry? Yes, because (ofcourse) when snow comes on your jacket and it's just a normal one, it will melt and just go right through the fabric. There you are ; looking like a snowman and feeling like an icecream, wanting to go home. So, there are many sporty jackets which also look sophisticated and fun. I always want one like that, 'cause when I go out to dinner in the evening, I would just like to not have such a colourfull, crazy coat to wear and looking like a 4-year-old. But maybe that's just me ; ofcourse there are people who love crazy, colourfull jackets! Me too, but just for skiing.

2. Thermal underwear. No, not a thermal bra or slip. I'm talking about a long sleeved shirt and something that looks like tights. Not just tights, thermal, like I said. Those clothing items are made from a special fabric which will keep you warm. Trust me, it does! When it's kinda sunny outside, don't wear the shirt. That's just a little tip from me 'cause I know I always get too warm because you're like, moving and 'working out' the whole day and even if it's freezing outside, you're still gonna get pretty hot.

3. Snowboots, my favorite things in the world! When I have those on, I feel like a giant penquin! It's so funny, they are just SO ugly I can't even describe how ugly most of those boots are. But, it protects you from falling down right in front of a cute guy. Or maybe that's your trick to get his attention. 'Thank you for your help, I'm just soooooo silly hihihihih'.

4. SUNSCREEN. Yes, that word is worth the capital letters 'cause seriously, it might be wintertime, but it's just so important to protect your face (cause obviously the rest of your body if fully covered and packed like an eskimo) from the sunlight. All those little snowflakes on the ground may seem innocent, but they aren't. They reflect the sunlight right into your face. It's like a giant mirror-thing, a huge tanning-machine. Make sure you're taking your sunscreen with you in your pockets or in a little backpack. It will come in handy!

5. Waterproof mascara. No, I don't usualy wear any make-up when I'm skiing, but maybe you are?  I would definitely go for a waterproof one 'cause it's very likely that your eyes will start crying because of the cold wind or just because you're skiing fast or just because you fell, maybe? Anyways, it's just a little recommendation. When you want to wear mascara ; take a waterproof one.

6. Your camera. When I am high on a mountain, my mouth falls open e-ve-ry time again. It's just outstandingly beautiful up there! And by the way, you still had to refresh your facebook picture, didn't you?

7. Big, fluffy socks. When you finally at the hotelroom or in your little apartment, your feet will probably hurt like crazy. They might now, but I can tell you ; your feet are very tired. It's not that you exactly feel it, but a warm bath, a footcream and fluffy socks will really make your feet feel so much better. And who doesn't want to cuddle up under a blanket on the couch with your favorite pyjamas and fluffy socks after such a long day?

8. Hair elastics. Seriously, if they didn't excist, they would have thought I was that big snowmonster thing called 'yeti'. My hair literally jumps around like happy spaghetti or something when I'm on such a hight. The fresh, cold air and gravity make my hair just, yeah let's just not talk about my hair anymore. Elastics will come in handy because if you have long hair, it's easy to tie it back to put your helmet over it. And wearing your hair in a ponytail might seem pretty boring, but search around on the internet or in magazines ; many of them have these hair tutorials and different hairstyles to still look amazing. I can't pull that of with my hair, so..

So, time to ski or snowboard! If you're going on a trip soon, have a lot of fun and please don't break or hurt anything! Make pictures, protect your skin and most of all ; enjoy the view and the fresh air and stuff!



It seriously is looking like a winter wonderland outside. Well, not a wonderland yet but it is totally white though. I really like it. When I'm inside. Outside I'm acting like an icecream. And not, not a yummie one. So after I totally screwed up -well no, but I didn't do a great job either- my economics test, I went to get myself some stuff I told you about yesterday. And yes, I got my sketchbook. I already love it, just saying. So basically I spent a lot of money on things I already have. Yeah, 'cause that's what girls do. Because it's still daytime I though yeah I don't need to use artificial light so I can make good pictures for once. Well, my camera obviously has a problem with winter also, but he tried to do his best. So let's go ahead and jump in everything.

Firstly, I bought some stuff for my hair and my hands. When it's getting like, really cold outside, my hair starts to frizz like crazy and it just dries out and looks dead and I thought why not buy myself a little treatment for my hair. I actually had this stuff before and I used it all up! So, I definitely like it! It smelles like almonds and vanille and some other thing -I'm horrible with describing scents-. I just take 2 little pumps and put it in my hair when it's wet and washed and stuff. I don't want to use too much 'cause then my hair is going to look greasy and that's not what I want.

Secondly, like I said, I bought something for my hands. Now, I actually hate handcream. It leaves my hands sticky and after while it starts smelling weird I just don't like it. I did try a few different brands but I just did't like them at all. But, I finally found one I totally like. I might actually really love this one. It's nothing special, just Vaseline. It's a brand known for it's softness and it really helps making your skin healthier. So, yesterday I looked online and saw so many goods things about this I just bought it. It smelles like actual cream. Just like, how your typical cream smells. It's kinda oily at first but that okay 'cause that the whole point right? I just love it, totally recommended to all of you out there with dry hands.

Right now I also have some things you might already expected to see me buying. Yes, nailpolish! I was eyeing the Herôme polishes for a while, but they're kinda expensive. Like, 7,50 euros a bottle. And the bottle is very small and 'narrow'. But, I happend to have some giftcards and I was able to buy them! I picked up the two colours I liked the most and which looked like colours I don't already have. 'Cause I seriously have more than 30 bottles of polish, I swear. I just collect nailpolish in stead of stamps right? I am wearing one of the colours, the burgundy red one (#008) and so far I really like it. The other colour is #103 and I'm excited to try that one out too.

And yes ofcourse I couldn't resist this polish from GOSH I saw. It just stared at me being all like ; yeah yeah yeah buy me I'm lime-ish green and I'm math and I'm just screaming at you to buy me 'cause spring is near (it's looking like iceland over here but still). So, yeah, meet my new colour called 'early green'.

This is actually cheating 'cause I bought this last Saturday, but I still wanted to include it 'cause it's just amazing. This chapstick is making my lips smell great, like honey! And it's just so moisturizing and smoothing and yeah I got this before when I was in Aruba so it makes me think about my time there 2 years ago. It gives me an instant happy feeling, when comes in handy a LOT.
Again, total recommendation.

And here comes the surprise of the day? I went to a book store to get my sketchbook, and this bookshop in my town suddenly sells like, cooking supplies and fun stuff for decoration and even some jewelry. I saw this bami-necklace (that's just what I call it) and I couldn't resist it. Would you be able to?

And ofcourse ofcourse I bought my sketchbook! Which already has 4 full pages now! I just love it. It's so calming just doodle-ing and writing down everything. It helps me a lot. This actually is the best recommendation of this whole post. Try to make your thoughts organized and more important ; don't think to much. Thinking ruins more than you think, believe me.



Hello lovely readers.
Here I am, desperately sitting behind my desk hardly trying to ignore my economics stuff. It even looks like my summery and my books are screaming 'read me and try to learn otherwise you'll get a bad graaade boeeeehoeeee'. I'm sorry, economics stuff and books, I have other things on my mind.
Which, I tend to get kinda crazy about all those random thoughts about goals I want to reach and things I never want to do again or things I always wanted to do and things I want to plan out and things I just want to draw down or something. So, I thought ; tomorrow is the last day of testweek. So, why not go and purchase myself some things as a reward? So I made this little list, and one of the most important things on it is a sketchbook. It's just a little book with blank pages. I can draw, shout-out, make lists and plan things on them. I can't actually wait to have it and take it with me everywhere. I guess it's such a good solution for my thoughts and stuff. I think it can help me be creative and get organized at the same time.
So, I'll keep you guys in touch about my sketchbook adventures.
Right now the only adventure I still have is trying to get a good grade for my economics test.

Wish me luck and sweet dreams!