Chocolate chip cookie time!


So, I didn't end up baking a brownie, because I thought cookies would be easier to keep in a box so that my parents don't have to eat the whole thing. After school I went straight to the grocery store to buy the baking stuff and a little cat treat for my little friend Puck. I think it were like salmon treats and she ate them right away!  So, when I came home I began. At first everything went great, but then I realised the dough was a bit 'dry'. So, I added some milk. That was the most stupid thing to do, 'cause the dough ended up sticking like crazy and seriously, I couldn't even make a little ball from the dough. So I laughed out loud 'cause I'm such a loser. Anyways, after all I made them, decorated them with chocolate chips and stuck them in the oven. They ended up being delicious -according to my mom-. My mom has already seen (and ate) them and got a very big smile on her face and gave me a huge kiss. It makes me so happy to make someone smile. Even though I don't have a 'Valentine' this might even be better. I can't wait to see my dads face.
I hope you all had a lovely day and spent it with people you love the most.
Me and my mom are going to cook dinner in a few minutes.

By the way! I also bought something new today, a chapstick from the brand 'Labello' called Vitamin Shake. It's pink a colourfull and it even has SPF 15, which will be great for my trip to France next week. I will write a little kind of review on it soon.

Much love,

The 'M' is for mama, which is mom in Dutch.
The 'P' is for papa, which is dad in Dutch.
The other things are just like stupid ugly things, but keep in mind the dough was sticky like glue, and it's all about the smiles!

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