I have once heard about this amazing DIY -do it yourself- face treatment, which can be done by e-ve-ry single one of you guys! In Holland, it's being so cold lately. Your skin, especially your hands and face, can start to feel dry and painful. The first thing on our minds will be 'my body and face need  a thick, hydrating cream'. But, first, it's important to exfoliate. Most of the exfoliante body and face scrubs are kinda rough on you. Especially for our face it's important to have something natural with a subtle 'grain'.

So, what's more natural than using coffee? No no no, don't be silly and pour a whole cup of hot coffee over your face and body, listen first. You know what 'used' coffee beans look like right? Kind of soil-ish. So, you need to have one or two tablespoons of that. How many tablespoons you want to use depends on on which part on your body you will going to use it. I will focus on just the face right now. 

So, take one tablespoon of this soil-ish looking substance and put it in a small bowl. Add some honey and 2/3 tablespoons of plain yoghurt. Mix those two up very well and put your creation in the refrigerator for 5 to ten minutes. If you're still wearing make-up, take everything of and start rubbing your self-made coffee mask onto your skin. If you notice you've used too much yoghurt -because your mask is smoothly gliding of your face- add some more coffee to make it thicker. Avoid the eye area. Avoiding your lips doesn't really matter. I don't think the stuff will taste good, but it obviously is eatable so you won't get any artifical stuff inside your body or something.

So, if your face is fully covered, start making circular motions. This will 1. exfoliate your skin and take of all the dead skin cells and 2. remove all the dirt you have on your face. After that you can choose to rinse it of with lukewarm water or you can let it sit for 5 more minutes and then rinse it of. Your skin will glow, 'cause honey and yoghurt have that effect on your skin, but your skin can also feel a bit irritated, but that will only last like 5/10 minutes.

After rinsing all the stuff of your face, dry your face by patting on it with a towel. Very important is the patting part! After that, it's time to apply your favorite moisturizer/facecream and your totally done! Hello to a hydrated and glowing face!

Little side note ; you can also use the soil-looking coffee to exfoliate your lips, but be careful and very gentile because the skin on your lips is very thin and very easy to damage.

I hope this tip was usefull! I am going to try it out myself tonight so let me know if you guys tried it out!
Much love,

we heart it 

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