I seriously can't stop thinking about that jeans I tried on a few weeks ago. The pinkish one, remember? Anyways, I keep thinking about it and I'm so so so sad I didn't buy it. But, now I have time to make up outfits in my mind or on Polyvore just to make sure I have things in my closet to go with the jeans. 'Cause one thing I hear a lot is 'what to wear with a coloured jeans?'. I would keep it clean. Just wear basic coloured tops like white, black, grey or nude. You can go with the colour blocking trend, but that's too obvious for me to wear, I don't like walking around like a spring flower or a tropical bird or something. So what I did is this ; I made this outfit thing on Polyvore. Just a little, quick thing to put my thoughts on 'paper' on what I would wear with a coloured jeans. I, by the way, went for a weird, non-expected nailpolish colour because I love to do that. Just spice up your average outfit by thinking out of the box with nailpolish is something I can't get enough of. So, as far as my life goes ; normal boringness. So, I don't really have anything to tell you guys right now! Except for the fact that I'm going downstairs in a few minutes and make myself this delicious bowl of yoghurt and apple. 'Cause that's my favorite desert. And guess what ; totally healthy!

I hope you guys have a lovely day tomorrow. Spread the love!

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