Random talking

I've been thinking, and thinking, and thinking and obviously I'm still thinking. I wanted to blog about something, I miss talking to 'you' and just sitting behind my laptop doing this, but I just don't know what to talk about. My life is so normal lately, just sleeping eating working out cooking going to school making homework and taking baths (obviously that is placed in the wrong order, yeah).
So, today I just thought 'why not just talk about things that pop up in my head.' So here I am, sitting behind my desk with my pyjamas on, my hair forced into a top knot and my nails just painted with a gorgeous reddish purple colour. I just finished reading my Cosmopolitan. I just love magazines lately, I've been wanting to kinda stock them up for my trip to France next week but I just can't resist reading them already. There are so many style and beauty tips for spring already but the snow keeps falling over here. At first I liked it, but right now it's kinda getting me depressed. Like, my face is totally dry, my hands are too and let's just don't talk about what my lips look like. Luckily I have my chapstick thing which smells like honey and milk (it smells more like honey, fortunately). Today I went to some huge store called 'Daka'. It's a store where they sell stuff for like every sorts of sport. So, because I'm going on a ski trip next week I bought a new jacket, 'cause my old one is just a bit childish and it was too small when I tried it on a few days ago. My new one is lovely, it's just dark green. Like, army green. I love army green, it's the colour of my eyes so that makes me look more awake and stuff. And I got such an ugly fleece sweater. Seriously, like, why would I buy something that is ugly right? Well, it's so ugly that its cute. It's from Napapiri. It's more like something for my mom to wear, but it's SO incredibly soft and warm and I just love it. It has several colours like a beige brown and a dark red and  an almost black greyish colour and it feels and looks like a teddy bear. And the flag from, I believe, Norway is on the back. That's their brand-thing, even though the brand is Italien but yeah, never mind. So, nothing more to tell I guess? Are you guys excited for Valentines day already? I kinda am, 'cause I'm just hoping I have enough time to get my brownie ready before my mom and dad come home from work. I'm thinking about not doing it though 'cause I don't even know if my parents like brownie? I believe my dad does, but he's never ever going to eat the whole thing. And I don't want to have to throw it away, that's just stupid. So, I don't know, we'll see.

You'll hear from me soon, I'll do a more usefull and fun post this week, promise!
I hope you all have a great, love-full Valentines day!
Much love and good night,

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