It seriously is looking like a winter wonderland outside. Well, not a wonderland yet but it is totally white though. I really like it. When I'm inside. Outside I'm acting like an icecream. And not, not a yummie one. So after I totally screwed up -well no, but I didn't do a great job either- my economics test, I went to get myself some stuff I told you about yesterday. And yes, I got my sketchbook. I already love it, just saying. So basically I spent a lot of money on things I already have. Yeah, 'cause that's what girls do. Because it's still daytime I though yeah I don't need to use artificial light so I can make good pictures for once. Well, my camera obviously has a problem with winter also, but he tried to do his best. So let's go ahead and jump in everything.

Firstly, I bought some stuff for my hair and my hands. When it's getting like, really cold outside, my hair starts to frizz like crazy and it just dries out and looks dead and I thought why not buy myself a little treatment for my hair. I actually had this stuff before and I used it all up! So, I definitely like it! It smelles like almonds and vanille and some other thing -I'm horrible with describing scents-. I just take 2 little pumps and put it in my hair when it's wet and washed and stuff. I don't want to use too much 'cause then my hair is going to look greasy and that's not what I want.

Secondly, like I said, I bought something for my hands. Now, I actually hate handcream. It leaves my hands sticky and after while it starts smelling weird I just don't like it. I did try a few different brands but I just did't like them at all. But, I finally found one I totally like. I might actually really love this one. It's nothing special, just Vaseline. It's a brand known for it's softness and it really helps making your skin healthier. So, yesterday I looked online and saw so many goods things about this I just bought it. It smelles like actual cream. Just like, how your typical cream smells. It's kinda oily at first but that okay 'cause that the whole point right? I just love it, totally recommended to all of you out there with dry hands.

Right now I also have some things you might already expected to see me buying. Yes, nailpolish! I was eyeing the HerĂ´me polishes for a while, but they're kinda expensive. Like, 7,50 euros a bottle. And the bottle is very small and 'narrow'. But, I happend to have some giftcards and I was able to buy them! I picked up the two colours I liked the most and which looked like colours I don't already have. 'Cause I seriously have more than 30 bottles of polish, I swear. I just collect nailpolish in stead of stamps right? I am wearing one of the colours, the burgundy red one (#008) and so far I really like it. The other colour is #103 and I'm excited to try that one out too.

And yes ofcourse I couldn't resist this polish from GOSH I saw. It just stared at me being all like ; yeah yeah yeah buy me I'm lime-ish green and I'm math and I'm just screaming at you to buy me 'cause spring is near (it's looking like iceland over here but still). So, yeah, meet my new colour called 'early green'.

This is actually cheating 'cause I bought this last Saturday, but I still wanted to include it 'cause it's just amazing. This chapstick is making my lips smell great, like honey! And it's just so moisturizing and smoothing and yeah I got this before when I was in Aruba so it makes me think about my time there 2 years ago. It gives me an instant happy feeling, when comes in handy a LOT.
Again, total recommendation.

And here comes the surprise of the day? I went to a book store to get my sketchbook, and this bookshop in my town suddenly sells like, cooking supplies and fun stuff for decoration and even some jewelry. I saw this bami-necklace (that's just what I call it) and I couldn't resist it. Would you be able to?

And ofcourse ofcourse I bought my sketchbook! Which already has 4 full pages now! I just love it. It's so calming just doodle-ing and writing down everything. It helps me a lot. This actually is the best recommendation of this whole post. Try to make your thoughts organized and more important ; don't think to much. Thinking ruins more than you think, believe me.


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