Hello lovely readers.
Here I am, desperately sitting behind my desk hardly trying to ignore my economics stuff. It even looks like my summery and my books are screaming 'read me and try to learn otherwise you'll get a bad graaade boeeeehoeeee'. I'm sorry, economics stuff and books, I have other things on my mind.
Which, I tend to get kinda crazy about all those random thoughts about goals I want to reach and things I never want to do again or things I always wanted to do and things I want to plan out and things I just want to draw down or something. So, I thought ; tomorrow is the last day of testweek. So, why not go and purchase myself some things as a reward? So I made this little list, and one of the most important things on it is a sketchbook. It's just a little book with blank pages. I can draw, shout-out, make lists and plan things on them. I can't actually wait to have it and take it with me everywhere. I guess it's such a good solution for my thoughts and stuff. I think it can help me be creative and get organized at the same time.
So, I'll keep you guys in touch about my sketchbook adventures.
Right now the only adventure I still have is trying to get a good grade for my economics test.

Wish me luck and sweet dreams!

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