Meet the new me! Guys, I am getting obsessed. I am so into food lately. I love watching cooking and recipe programmes and things on Youtube about American girls showing what they bought at the grocery store and just how they stay fit and make healthy snacks to bring to school and stuff. It's like, my new chocolate. I don't eat chocolate or other candy anymore as some of you may know. To stay in shape and just because I tend to get a bad feeling after eating that. Not real physical bad feeling but a mental one. Anyways, I am just being crazy about food lately. I went to the grocery store myself to buy dry apricots, walnuts -unsalted, so like the 'raw' ones straight out of nature- and lemon juice to put into my water to make my metabolism work faster. I just want to go on and on about food and I am looking forward to having a few 'free' days like crazy so that I can cook recipes and make healthy dinners for my mom and dad and my lovely girlfriends. This summer I'm planning on organizing a day where I'm going to cook for my best friends. It was an idea from one of them and I just simply love her -I already did ofcourse- for coming up with this lovely idea.
Today I just wanted to share my finds on the internet and stuff. My little knowledge I have about food. Because I'm not even close to knowing a lot and knowing what's good and what's bad, but I did some reasearch just for fun and I wanted to share that with you guys.

So, this post is about superfood. Yes, it excists. And you're thinking right now ; yes, duh, fruit en vetgetables right? Well, yes actually. But there are so many things to incorporate those things with and just, yeah well read the following little stories if you're interested!

Fat fish
Yes, pick a fish who eat a lot. No ofcourse not. When I'm talking about a 'fat' fish, I mean the ones that contain a lot of fat. And not the fat in like chocolate and pizza, but the good kind. Eating fish is important, and I'm so sad that I don't eat fish at all. Maybe like once in 2 months or so? That's because my father doesn't like it. I will be trying to incorporate fish more in my diët this summer. I'm going to Aruba, which is the best island to eat fish. I'm already looking forward to it.
If you don't like fish, no problem. There are, by the way, many ways to reduce the fish-taste. When you don't like tuna on a sandwhich, try to make it taste different by adding some creme freche, honey and some salt and pepper et voilá, it won't even taste like fish anymore!

In my house we literally have to stuck up on apples. I eat two a day, sometimes even 3. My mom loves them too and brings them to work and my dad tends to eat them a little less often but he also likes them. An apple is the most perfect fruit to bring to school, because you can just throw it in your bag without worrying about having to 'prepare' it and make it ready to eat. It's already 'eatable' just like the way it fell from the tree. If you're getting bored of your simple apple, you can do some fun stuff with it. Add it to a salad to freshen it up, incorporate it to your daily breakfast by eating a bowl of yoghurt with apple (which I eat as a dessert every day). If you want a more sweet dessert, slice the apple and put sugar and cinnamon over it. You can even add a little cacao powder. Yummie!

If you're just like me and you're interested in food, you might know that eating bananas is a total no go in some diets, because a banana contains a lot of energy, which means a lot of calories. But there aren't any bad calories. Never eat more than one banana a day. Well, you can but I would recommend eating 3 different pieces of fruit. Anyways, back to your yellow friend ; bananas contain a lot of protein. That's why a banana can give you a lot of energy before or after a workout or just a little 'pick me up' snack throughout the day. A fun way to incorporate banana to your daily meals? Take a slice of bread, throw it into the toaster, take your favorite brand of peanut butter and on top of that ; spread out the pieces of sliced banana. You can add some cinnamon or sugar if you want, but I won't recommend it 'cause the banana en peanutbutter already are a bit higher in calories than like a normal slice of bread with chicken filet or something. Promise me, peanut butter and banana together may sound like an alien thing to do, but it's a great combination. What I like a lot it taking a bowl of yoghurt, adding a banana and a little tiny tea spoon of honey and some walnuts. Healthy and a lovely combination.

Brocolli and beans
In these kind of vetgetables -the green ones in particular- you can find a lot of 'iron'? I don't know, in Dutch 'ijzer' is an important substance in food to give you more energy and make your blood circulation work better and your muscles 'feel' stronger. I don't know if you guys from overseas call it iron but yeah, let's just call it that way for now untill I learn the actual word.
Another tip ; when you or your mom/dad/sister/brother/grandma/dog is cooking these vetgetables, make sure you/they don't boil them too long. Boiling your vetgetables too long can make them too soft and the vergetables will lose more than 60% of their nutrients and vitamins, which is a total loss right? For me, brocolli and beans just are dinnerfoods. I think chewing on raw beans isn't that great to snack on.

Whole grain bread
I know I know, most people think white bread just tastes better. And secretly, I think so too. But whole grain bread is just so. much. better. I can't even explain how much better it is. First of all, white bread is like sugar. Your body recognizes white bread as being sugar and will store it into the 'fat section'. Hello chubbyness! That what most people are trying to avoid right? Whole grain bread is more nutritious and it will leave your stomach feeling 'full' earlier, so gone with the stomach growls in class. You can make whole grain bread a lot more tasty by toasting it and adding -healthy and low fat- sweet stuff. For example ; apple syrup, low fat jelly or cream cheese with tomatoe -I know that's not sweet but it's still very tasty and yummie!-

And ofcourse here comes our hero. Tea doesn't only warm you up and makes you feel cosy, it's very healthy. Especially the white and green tea types. Tea provides your body of substances which will prevent heart diseases and that kind of stuff. And let's face it ; it also is a very good subtitution for water if you don't like to drink just simple, plain water.

Ofcourse there are a lot more superfoods in the world, but I just added the most common ones. The ones I thought most of you guys would have in your cabinets or refrigerators.
I know this was a very very very long and maybe boring post, but let me know what you think!

Have a healthy week guys, I will see you guys soon.
Much love and many hugs,

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