Time killer

Lovely readers.
I just finished my dinner and I want to go on my favorite work out machine, but it's not good for my body to go imediately after my dinner so I thought ; I'm going to write a little blogpost and after that I will jump on the eliptical -which I believe it's called in English-.
So, I don't actually have many things to tell you guys. The past days I just enjoyed seeing my friends again and organized my schoolstuff by making a planning -which hasn't worked yet 'cause my motivation for school has taken the week of I guess-.
I'm listening to a singer right now, to her songs, and they just remind me of my trip in the bus last week 'cause I had just downloaded the music and I listened to the songs for the first time when I was just 'chilling out' in the bus. So, curious already? She's called Gabrielle Aplin and she sings acoustic songs mostly, and she has a pretty 'high' voice so I guess the songs are too difficult for me to sing but yeah, I do sing along actually. But I tend to always do that so yeah.
By the way, exciting news! You guys know -or not- that I take like, musicallessons. And every end of the year we do like this musical, and this time our teacher wrote her own. It's kinda childish but it's fun though! And guess what, I sort of got the biggest part? I know, I'm still figuering out why too. But, I hope I'm going to make it work and prove that she chose well I guess. I hope so. I'm very excited.
So, before I don't have enough time left tonight I'm going to have a date with my most lovely machine in the world. Wanna know about my outfit? A shirt and a vest, in which I always launch around in and stuff. But these items will be changed into my crosstrain-shirt in a few seconds. Believe me, it's like the most high fashioned outfit e-ver.

Bye guys, thanks for reading again! It still means a lot to me even though I don't even know who I'm talking to right now at this very moment.


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