Valentines day

The most loved and most hated day of the year, right? I totally think that you should be loving everyday and that you should make your loved one(s) know you love them in every single way and not only on one day because you're supposed to? I don't know. I like Valentine's day though! It's so funny how some people can be totally nervous and it's that day when a nerdy, shy person finally gets the chance to secretely surprise the boy or girl he/she loves, even though it's just for one day. I don't know about you guys, but I think Valentine's day is what you make of it. I mean, when you're not having a relationship or something like that, that doesn't mean you have to cuddle up in your bed, lonely watching a movie or something, 'just because you aren't good or pretty enough to be in a relationship'. Yeah, bravely said from someone who actually does that. Anyways, this year I won't be doing that becaaaause I'm gonna surprise my parents. I know it sounds weird, and maybe it is, but I'm going to make a big, chocolate brownie for them in a heart shape and tell them that I love to be their daughter. Yeah pretty 'slimey' right? Hahaha I know. So, for you guys out there who don't want to be 'celebrating' the day of love alone, I have these little tips on what to do or with who.

Your best friend(s)
This Valentines day falls on a Tuesday I believe, which is for us students a pretty normal day. But, with a tiny bit of planning, you'll have plenty of time. Make an appointment with your best friend(s) a couple of days before Valentinesday, so that everyone can plan their homework and stuff around it.
Invite your friend(s) over to your house. Make sure you're home earlier (or just make them arrive an hour later than you're home yourself) and get ready. Tell your friend(s) to wear something warm, cosy and pink, red or white. This isn't neccesary but just for fun. So. First you're going to make some hot chocolate. Little tip ; add some Nutella chocolate stuff with hazelnut. That makes your hot chocolate even more tasty, trust me it's like a sip of heaven! Make your room smell nice by lighting a candle and pick a movie you two/three/four/etc. can watch together. Make sure it's a funny one. We're avoiding the crying on Valentines day right? So, if your BFF happens to have a boy/girlfriend, they can leave you before dinner and spend the evening with their boy/girlfriend, right? But, if that's not the point, then continue this plan. Make your friend(s) dinner! It doens't have to be difficult. Just make something you're familiar with and stuff. Don't forget your family, they have to eat to ofcourse.
So, after dinner, there are many things to choose from to do. But the day after you'll both have to go to school (or work maybe) so choose something with fits perfectly in the amount of time you girls have left together. Maybe watch old pictures, dance and jump around like crazy, have a good girlstalk night or just eat chocolate and put on facemasks. Anything will do ; just have fun!

Your family
Yes, the most of us (including me) will spend this evening just with our family. But why not make this Valentines day Family day? After dinner you can play a game together. Take some little bowls and fill them up with cookies, popcorn, M&M's and other yummie stuff. You can make a smoothie if you want to (my most loved combi ; strawberry banana yoghurt) but if that takes too much time, just mix some juice with yoghurt and add some sugar. Promise, tastes delicious. Let your little brother or sister (or big one, ofcourse) choose the game you're going to play and don't try to cheat because you want it to be over so that you won't miss your favorite TV show. This was now called Family day remember? Try to make the best of it.

Your pet
Well, yeah, this may sound kinda crazy, but when you have such a bond with your pet like I have, this will be the perfect evening-buddy for you! It doesn't matter if you have a cat, a dog, a fish, a bird, a bunny or a guinea pig. After school, go to the store and buy something special. For a dog it might be a bone, for a cat some special cat milk and treats, for a fish I totally have NO idea but there should be something? For a bird you can buy a new toy, I heard birds really like those things, and for your bunny or guinea pig little carrots or some special treats. Anyways, what I'm trying to say ; pamper your little friend. They deserve attention to, right? Maybe you can take your dog on a extra long walk or let your bunny/quinea pig run around in your room. I have a cat, as you guys might already know, called Puck. I think I'm going to buy her some cat milk and a special brush which she loves but we lost ours so I think I'm gonna get a new one.
Biggest advantage ; your pet doesn't matter when you're saying stupid things or look like crap. They just don't mind, which sometimes is just what we need.

When the above-things don't really like, get to you, I guess you're going to have to spend the Valentines day evening alone. But, that doesn't have to be a disaster right? There are plenty of things to do?! Like ; take a long bath and exfoliate, smear your whole body with your favorite smelling body butter, take some time to paint your nails (and some time to let them dry properly) and jump into bed early to watch a movie or read your favorite book. Instant happy maker ; before you go to bed, text all of your most special friend to tell them you hope they had a lovely day and wish them sweet dreams. I tend to feel great when I made other smile, so, yeah you should definitely try it! Another advantage of being lonely? More Ben&Jerry's for you, you and eh, you?!

Allright guys, I hope you'll all have a lovely Valentines day. We still have more than a week to go so make sure to prepare and plan your evening!

I wish you guys the best and a lot of love!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. wat een leuke blogpost (:
    voor mij gaat het helaas de laatste worden: alleen een avondje oppassen & op school tm 10e dus valentijnsdag 2012 gaat het voor mij helemaal worden, haha!
    ik vind het heel lief dat je dat voor je ouders doet & ik weet zeker dat ze het heel erg zullen waarderen!

  2. Haha, super leuk geschreven!
    Ik geef mijn vriendinnen op school een klein cadeautje, en ik ga na het lezen van je stukje zeker mijn katten in de watten leggen :)
    Liefs, Charlie