What to bring..

when you're going on a ski trip! So, this really suits me 'cause I will be going to France in two weeks and I'm so excited already. But, with this trip coming up I already start thinking about what to pack. With skiing it's always hard 'cause I look like a total penquin with my helmet on and stuff. How can I manage my hair after such a horrible disaster on my head?! Seriously, helmets are the worst for your hair. But, I'll still wear mine 'cause you'll never know what could happen if you don't wear it right?

So, are you going on a trip soon? Let me share my thoughts with you on what to bring. I'll make a list of 8 essentials, 'cause if I'd have to name e-ve-ry little thing you should bring I would just sit here typing for like 2 hours or so.

1. A warm coat, which is sporty but also kinda casual. You will need a warm coat ofcourse, but not just one. When you're going on a ski trip, I highly recommend buying or borrowing (from your cousin or aunt or a friend I don't know, someone who has your size) a coat especially for ski and snowboarding. Those jackets keep you warm and dry. Dry? Yes, because (ofcourse) when snow comes on your jacket and it's just a normal one, it will melt and just go right through the fabric. There you are ; looking like a snowman and feeling like an icecream, wanting to go home. So, there are many sporty jackets which also look sophisticated and fun. I always want one like that, 'cause when I go out to dinner in the evening, I would just like to not have such a colourfull, crazy coat to wear and looking like a 4-year-old. But maybe that's just me ; ofcourse there are people who love crazy, colourfull jackets! Me too, but just for skiing.

2. Thermal underwear. No, not a thermal bra or slip. I'm talking about a long sleeved shirt and something that looks like tights. Not just tights, thermal, like I said. Those clothing items are made from a special fabric which will keep you warm. Trust me, it does! When it's kinda sunny outside, don't wear the shirt. That's just a little tip from me 'cause I know I always get too warm because you're like, moving and 'working out' the whole day and even if it's freezing outside, you're still gonna get pretty hot.

3. Snowboots, my favorite things in the world! When I have those on, I feel like a giant penquin! It's so funny, they are just SO ugly I can't even describe how ugly most of those boots are. But, it protects you from falling down right in front of a cute guy. Or maybe that's your trick to get his attention. 'Thank you for your help, I'm just soooooo silly hihihihih'.

4. SUNSCREEN. Yes, that word is worth the capital letters 'cause seriously, it might be wintertime, but it's just so important to protect your face (cause obviously the rest of your body if fully covered and packed like an eskimo) from the sunlight. All those little snowflakes on the ground may seem innocent, but they aren't. They reflect the sunlight right into your face. It's like a giant mirror-thing, a huge tanning-machine. Make sure you're taking your sunscreen with you in your pockets or in a little backpack. It will come in handy!

5. Waterproof mascara. No, I don't usualy wear any make-up when I'm skiing, but maybe you are?  I would definitely go for a waterproof one 'cause it's very likely that your eyes will start crying because of the cold wind or just because you're skiing fast or just because you fell, maybe? Anyways, it's just a little recommendation. When you want to wear mascara ; take a waterproof one.

6. Your camera. When I am high on a mountain, my mouth falls open e-ve-ry time again. It's just outstandingly beautiful up there! And by the way, you still had to refresh your facebook picture, didn't you?

7. Big, fluffy socks. When you finally at the hotelroom or in your little apartment, your feet will probably hurt like crazy. They might now, but I can tell you ; your feet are very tired. It's not that you exactly feel it, but a warm bath, a footcream and fluffy socks will really make your feet feel so much better. And who doesn't want to cuddle up under a blanket on the couch with your favorite pyjamas and fluffy socks after such a long day?

8. Hair elastics. Seriously, if they didn't excist, they would have thought I was that big snowmonster thing called 'yeti'. My hair literally jumps around like happy spaghetti or something when I'm on such a hight. The fresh, cold air and gravity make my hair just, yeah let's just not talk about my hair anymore. Elastics will come in handy because if you have long hair, it's easy to tie it back to put your helmet over it. And wearing your hair in a ponytail might seem pretty boring, but search around on the internet or in magazines ; many of them have these hair tutorials and different hairstyles to still look amazing. I can't pull that of with my hair, so..

So, time to ski or snowboard! If you're going on a trip soon, have a lot of fun and please don't break or hurt anything! Make pictures, protect your skin and most of all ; enjoy the view and the fresh air and stuff!


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  1. Waaaah ik krijg heel veel zin in de voorjaarsvakantie door deze blog! &handig lijstje, want ik vergeet sowieso altijd de helft van m'n spullen, haha. Xxx