Quick overview of my trip to France

Yes lovely readers, I'm still alive! I had an amazing time in France with my mom. Some keywords ; sun, snow, yummie food, skiing, chilling out, relaxing, laughing and gossiping with my mom.
It was just the one thing I needed the most. To go away, don't have internet for a week and just lock myself out for a while. It really helped me see things 'clear' again so I feel a lot better right now. Expect for the kilo's I gained. I hate the fact that I wasn't able to go on the eliptical/crosstrainer and although I didn't eat that much bad stuff, it just felt wrong and right now I began trying to lose weight again so let's hope the extra pounds will come of soon. So, anyways, I am dealing with this massive crazy painfull headache right now so a big post won't really work right now but I still just wanted to give you guys a sign of life kind of thing. Also, I made some pictures which I wanted to share. It are just nature-environment-mountain-ski-pictures. I also have some pictures from myself and my mom but they're kinda, like.. Yeah well let's just say I don't look that great with a helmet on. So, here they are and I will talk to you guys soon.

I hope you all had an amazing week, like I did!
Much love,

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