Bought my coloured pastel pants

Hello to every single one of you out there!
I'm back again. Yes, I've been away again and yes I am sorry. Not that anyone really missed me, right? I mean, most of my readers I see every day. Anyways, I wanted to do a blogpost on my new, coloured jeans. Well, they aren't exactly jeans, they have the fake pockets and stuff. But they're pastelly, bright pink and kind of teel green-ish pastelly thing blabla. Yes that exact colour.
So, I bought them for a really really really small prize (25,- euro's, ssst it's a secret) at a Dutch store called 'Hema'. I know you Dutchies out there really think ; why in heavens name would you buy a pair of jeans over there? Well, I just did. And they fit like they were made for me, which obiously never happens to me. But I just fell in love with them. I didn't really wear them yet, because I didn't figure out what to pair it with yet. But, I'm looking forward like crazy to wear them.
Well, the next thing I wanted to say ; my test week is coming up and I have a lot of difficult and important exams to make and I. MY. HEAD. IS. ALREADY. FULL. RIGHT. NOW.
Yes, that makes it look very dramatic, doesn't it? It's not really that bad, I just am done with all the learning-stuff. Don't you guys have that feeling too sometime? That you just want to take a suitcase and just take off to some random, warm and sunny island just to relax and think about nothing but how to make yourself a better person? I have that feeling a lot lately. Maybe I just need some rest. Like, holiday-rest. Like in ; I just need a break people, please understand this hopeless, energyless creature.
So, that's all I have to update you guys about. I guess, for now. Minus the things I just don't want to put out here on the internet for every random one to read. Like, you understand that right?
Anyways, I have to go now. My history papers and summaries are screaming my name. They're already missing me, cuties.

Time to say goodbye now!

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