Doodles and swimming

Hello there you beautiful creature.
Just talking to you. Right now, at this very moment. Yes I am. Well, I don't have a lot to tell you but I just like blogging a lot. Anyways, news news news. Me and my friend are chosen to sing in a real theatre! There's a show called 'CoolTalent' and it's a show which contains different talents from different schools in our region. So me and my friend are allowed to go sing on a huge stage -well, compared to out school stage it's kinda huge- on April 7th. I am so excited already! If you could only see my face right now?! Some other news ; I'm going to swim. Yes, it's like extremely cold outside and I hate wearing my bathingsuit but I still am going. Not for fun, no no no no, for the workout-part of swimming. Me and my friend are going to the pool tonight to swim 'laps'. Even though I am very very very hesitant about wearing my bathingsuit I'm looking forward to it like crazy. If we like it, we're going to make it a habit on Monday evenings. I will keep you guys updated. If I survive those 2 hours of lap-swimming. I guess I will be com-ple-tely exhausted tonight. And yes, I am crazy so I think it will be a great feeling after 'working out'.
Last but not least, I have been searching around on the internet and found the cutest doodles. Doodles are little drawings. These doodles aren't made by me, even though I doodle a lot lately in my sketchbook/scrapbook, which I'm going to do a post about very soon. I just wanted to insert these little fun pictures 'cause, it's not a secret ; they're adorably cute!

-adorably is not a word-

Much love and cuddles,

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