I should smile more

Happy saturday afternoon everyone.
I'm just sitting behind my laptop again, overthinking stuff and most of all trying to find excuses not having to learn my english vocabulary. I have a test this monday and trust me, my motivation stalled to the moon. So, anyways, I was just browsing around on we heart it and I found this cute little picture (at the bottom of this post). I smiled, like, genuinly smiled. And then I realised. I have so much to smile for, or to laugh about?! I just don't do it that often. Well yeah some people always ask me why I always am smiling. I do smile, a lot! Actually, at all times when I'm around other people. Most of all that's because those people make me happy. But, I have the strongest urge to be seen as a nice person. To me it's so important what other people think about me. And that's not the only thing. As a little girl, I always smiled to other children. Most of them smiled back but when someone would stare at me with a look who could have actually like maybe even kill me or something, I got so sad and scared. I just never ever never ever never ever ever ever want to give somebody else that feeling I always have when someone just looks at me with an evil face.

But smiling should not only be a usefull thing to make people like you or think that you're nice. Genuinly smiling, in like 'being happy' is so important. Even more imporant than chocolate. Yes people. So I thought to myself why not make a list of thinhs that actually make me smile. And when I have this little period in which I find it hard to smile and be happy, I just check that little list and pick something out to do or smell or look at or talk to or eat and I can be like, remembered that I have more than a thousand of reasons to genuinly smile.

Do you guys actually, by the way, have that problem too? I know that everyone is grumpy and sad once in a while. Especially girls when they're having their periods. But, I find that I just am not aware of the greatness and happyness in my life. I mean, I went to the hairdresser this morning and she cut my hair like way too short. I lost maybe even 10 centimeters of my hair. And I also have curls, which means it looks even more short. But when I saw myself in the mirror a few minutes ago I thought 'maybe it's a good thing'. I look more awake and kind of more 'bubly'. What I also have been doing a lot lately is putting highlighter on my browbones and cheeks. Highlighter, for those of you who think I'm putting a neon school marker pen thing on my head ; highlighter is make-up. An eye-shadow-like powder with a light colour and lots of shimmer. When you put it (especially) in your inner corners of your eyes, on your browbone and on the apples of your cheeks, it looks like the sun in shining on your face when it's not even sunny. You look more awake and you kind of 'shimmer'.

Another thing which provides my happyness is working out. You've all heard this stupid sentence once ; when you're excercising, you get happy. But all you feel is pain and tiredness right? Like a tomato who's getting blended or something. But really, for me, it's like having control. I really feel like I have been getting fitter and less tired lately and I'm feeling more aware of my body and just, I don't know. I work out e-ver-y single day for like more than an hour and it's just beginning to look like a little addiction. It's like a drug. When I step of my eliptical/crosstrainer thing, I usually have the biggest smile on earth even if I had to leave my bed at 6 o'clock in the morning because otherwise I wouldn't have had enough time to exercise. I make a lot of offers to go on this trainer but it gives me back a LOT of happiness and energy.

Here is a short piece of my little what makes me smile list.

- the smell of my honey and milk Labello (chapstick)
- excercising (especially afterwards)
- a beautiful nailpolish colour on my nails
- the scent of Lush's 'The Godmother Soap'
- taking baths
- talking to my closest friends and family
- cuddling with Puck (my cat)
- watching beauty and cooking video's on Youtube (which I do while I'm working out)
- a mini-spa moment for myself
- eating a banana
- cooking
- drawing or doodling in my scrapbook/sketchbook
- having a wrist full of colourfull and wooden bracelets in summer
- going to Aruba (just having vacation on it's own too)
- going out for dinner with my mom and dad

And it continiues just like that. Do you ever overthink stuff that make you happy? What makes you smile genuinly?

Love and lots of smiles,

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