Spring fever in my stomach

Lovely aliens.
Seriously, if you're current country of living isn't Holland, be happy! Please. Because the weather over here sucks like crazy. I went home this afternoon and seriously, my underwear was totally soaked. I was just completely drained in water and I felt horrible. That's why I skipped choir and I am just taking sort of the night free to do stuff for school because I began stressing out. Eventhough the weather sucks and it's nothing like spring, I still got that little butterflies in my stomach who scream 'it's going to be spring soon, the sun is coming back! Don't you hear the birds and smell the flowers?'. And I'm like, no? NOT. AT. ALL. But yeah, still, I made a spring-based outfit on Polyvore today. I just went crazy when I saw the blousy, flowy top which I incorporated in it. I really would love to have that thing myself but unfortunately, like all other stuff on Polyvore -most of the time-, it's incredibly expensive. So I would have to find a look-a-like or something. I don't know, I will be going shopping any time soon I hope so I'll keep you guys updated about my wardrobe changes. Did I spell wardrobe in a good way? I don't think so. Let's say closet, that's much more easy.
So, here's the outfit. I hope you guys like it? I really do. Oh and thank you so much, all of you. I just took a look at my 'visitor-counter' and it told me my blog is viewed 6.000 times now! I know it may not sound like a lot to all of you great, fashionable bloggers out here but for me, little stupid wannabe blogger-girl, it's an amazing amount of views. So, seriously, thank you a lot. Makes me want to do blogging even more often! So right now I'm planning on doing schoolwork again, eating some fruit, jump on the crosstrainer, take a shower and go right into my bed.

Sleep tight and much love,

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