Writers block

Goodmorning lovely readers!
Since I have been back from France, I have been wondering what I wanted to do blogposts about. I follow some very lovely blogs from girls who are just so inspirational. They really buy stuff, do stuff, experience stuff. It's so frustrating that I don't have a great camera or great fashionable clothes or time enough to bake some things and show them to you and it's just.. yeah, it makes me unhappy. I really thought that I could just write blogposts about fashion stuff when I started my blog but I discovered myself saving up all my money and just not buying interessting stuff to talk about. Those girls I was talking about earlier just are more fashionable and they're doing more blogpost-approved-things. I don't know, I just work out, go to school, eat and go to sleep. Thats literally all I do?
Let's call this period my writers block ; my period without any inspiration or exciting stuff.
I will have to go to school in an hour so I guess I'm going to get ready!

I hope my writers block thing will be over soon!
Lots of love,

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